The Flower Burying





lt was winding strongly…

A white silhouette was stranding in the wind…
Terror ,cruel and cold…

"Hiei ,welcome,why don't you come to my house?"kurama smiled,sit next to the desk,"or had a row with Mukuro(spelled by myself,if it is wrong…don't trouble me…maybe I can speak Mukuro in Chinese,it means 躯)
" humph !"
"hey!what's wrong? Is there something happened?"
" ah !you really had a row with Mukuro…"
"kill you!"

ten minutes has past…


"kurama !"when Hiei wanted to say some words.the sound of Yusuke was louded downstairs.
"Kurama!"Yusuke's sound is louded agsin.
"Hiei ,wait for a moment,OK?"Kurama smiled,and wanted to go.
But …
Hiei held kurama's hand tight…
"haha…don't want to leave me?"
"just a joke !!!don't angry~~~"
saying over,kurama was going down to open the door.
Then ,Hiei sat on the kurama's bed alone,the face was very red,he don't know why he was,he only knew that he met kurama at the very beginning.
He thought kurama.
He did think he was very strict.
He was sure that kurama was very foolish,because he helped one girl, no ,saved the girl's life,but,he made her memory disappear…
Hiei really can't understand.
As if the girl said that she liked kurama,hiei felt very sad.
Liking kurama…
Liking kurama…why?
What is the meaning of the like?
Hiei didn't know.but hiei knew,he didn't want to leave kurama.
"maybe I'm ill."hiei said to himself,because he didn't want to face this feel.


"hi,yusuke,welcome,come in,"kurama smiled.
"ah…thank you."unexpected ,yusuke didn't have previous simpleminded smile,instead of a serious smile.
Although kurama had seen it,he thought yusuke had sometiouble with Kego(spelled by myself,if it is wrong…don't trouble me…maybe I can speak Mukuro in Chinese,it means )so he didn't think more.
"ah…kurama…"in the guest room,yusuke said,with some flurried expression.
"en…"kurama nodded his head,thought that yusuke really had some trouble with Kego.
"what a fine weather it is!"
"ah…the sun is shining…and…the other is…?"
"there are some flower in your garden."
"ah…and these roses will blosson,and others…?"
"there are two birds in the tree!"
"ah…and they are singing,aren't them?another things?"
"haw-haw…"kurama smiled,a very beautiful magnificent,charming smile.yusuke stared blankly.

written on 10,28th,2002
typing on 11,17 th,2002



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