At First Sight

BY:Sandy Youko

Kurama's homework had remained untouched. The redhead just took a brief, blank glimpse at the open book facing him from time to time, and then immediately forgot its existence. Right now, his mind was totally taken by very different concerns. Young Kurama rested his chin on his cupped palms, gazing calmly at the night sky through the window glass, counting stars. It was just the same sky was in the Makai although constellations were inverted, as if seen on a mirror's reflection. Instinctively, he sniffed air in deeply, savoring the myriad of different scents, seeking distraction out of his boreness by trying to identify each of them. 

Caught up into human form, his sense of smell was not as refined as in his fox aspect. Moreover Tokyo pollution covered most of the traces and notes, but yet he could get good impressions from the surroundings.They were mostly impressions from the Ningen world, and he knew very well what he was looking for, so eagerly - He was hoping to grasp a very particular fragrance; pine and ashes, and a faint odour of rain as it just hit the ground It was a trace which he had first sensed just the day before. It was a scent which had started bringing sorrow and need upon him as he had started missing his old world and his old life miserably... 

Since the day before too much had already crossed his mind. The memories of his risky and adventurous previous life started assailing him, distracting him completely from the Ningen reality he had chosen to bear till his Shuuichi Minamino existence had come to end. 

Kurama missed his den, his old friends and lovers, and the free living style he had always taken for granted. He had forgotten much of his Youko life, much of the Makai. being forced to limit himself to the Ningen way of life. It was about time to bring back a bit of Youko to his life. 

His small hands fondled his short red hair, and he let his fingertips slide down the contours of the strange, rigid Ningen ears he possessed. He enjoyed his red mane though, a lot different from his former silver tresses, but as beautiful as it. He just needed to let his sheeny locks grow longer, and he'd be beautiful as before. He pulled the fabric of his pajamas, feeling disconfort all over his body. He needed a whole new style, something practical and elegant at the same time. Chinese styled tunics and silk shirts would do just fine, a good substitute for his gauzy white youko attire, which unfortunately would be considered too weird to Ningen social and fashion rules. 

A sigh was heard and a small mirror was hesitantly picked up from one of the desktop drawers by Kurama, who took a long, thoughtful gaze at his own pale, young semblance. He had been avoiding mirrors, since he was born in the Ningenkai. Staring at an outward appearance so different from the one he formerly possessed hurted too much. His fragile outlook was much too antagonic to the wild, sensual soul kept within. He had been transplanted not only to an awkward, strange place, but also was brought up locked within a very different body. Fortunately he could manage to control his own feelings, his own reactions to the shocking experience. Were he not a cold blooded, rather rational youko he would have lost his sanity. 

He chuckled. He was still attractive, though in a very different manner. Innocence and youth added allure to his seductive appeal. Most of his insinuative, beautiful facial traces were the same, exception being the bigger, green eyes, more child-like, sweet and delicately enticing. Good...A mask... Who would know behind sweet Shuuichi Minamino laid the merciless Youko Kurama? 

However, all that need for changes, that craving for a long-past life-style, had a single reason. He had been grabbed, dragged, his feelings and desire forcing him to accept that he needed love, life, pleasure and freedom again. He had just met a pretty, atractive piece of Makai in the Ningenkai, and was too interested, too aroused by it. 

The pretty Fire Demon; the expert swordsman in black. 

The delicate although bold youkai with boy-like looks. 


Kurama could not distract himself from thinking, warmly, about Hiei. He could be a friend, a fighting companion, someone to talk, and maybe a lover... 

Kurama tried to fight the desire, and suspired deeply, seeking to bring some self-control back -The same kind of voluntary restraint he had enveloped himself in during all those 14 years lived in Ningen aspect. However difficult, he had always forced himself to chastity, in both mind and body. He could never let the lust of a centennial Youko unblocked while sharing a Ningen child's body. 

He could never burn all of his bridges. He could not keep denying his past so intensely. Specially after meeting Hiei. 

He had locked his innermost desires, his feelings, his Youko energy for very long, and it had been too painful. Only his mother's love had offered him comfort from the daily torture and denial. It had been where Kurama seek refuge when the agony of being a prisoner of himself was just too tormentous to bear alone. 

With a Demon friend at least he could feel closer to his old life, talk about his past world, and sense a bit Makai brought back to his dull, Ningen routine. 

He unfolded his arms around his own chest, caressing himself, totally taken by the memories of the day before, when he had met the Fire Youkai. Kurama's green eyes were instantly drawn towards the bed, and in his mind he could still visualize perfectly the small but well-muscled body, the naked chest of the attractive youkai he had watched during the whole evening. 

During the whole time as Hiei laid, hurt, Kurama guarded him tenderly, unable to sleep, too overwhelmed, sweetly excited with the presence of a Youkai so close, and at the same time, so extremely arresting. Kurama had been stricken with a series of strange feelings and sensations, and shivers filled his body as he could feel a warm flush coloring his cheeks everytime his eyes were drawn towars the half-naked, well-built youkai. He had to fight desire not to let his hands reach out and touch all that young gorgeousness. 

He could not yet understand what kind of feeling was this one, which made him blush, and caused his hands and knees to tremble every time he thought about Hiei. It was not mere lust; it was stronger... Was it Love then? A warmth which seemed engendered the deepest within his soul, warmly spread over his existence, like a smooth, comforting blanket? Such feeling sated every empty space within his spirit, every sorrowful scar, every lack of hope. Probably then he would not be a loner anymore. 

After meeting Hiei a new motivation filled his spirit. 

Hiei was a very young youkai, however not unexperienced as one might think of. To speak evenly, he seemed to be one bad motherfucker. 

Kurama chuckled again... It was just the key to Hiei's stunning natural attractiveness - delicate, almost feminime looks together with scornful bravery and nasty ways... Just the kind of rare, unique beauty Youko Kurama had ever found irresistible. 

Hiei's presence had a massive, immediate effect on Kurama, striking his heart and soul at the very first sight. The former silver youko had the strange, unexplained sensation he had met this Fire youkai before. Maybe in one forgotten adventure back in Makai, or in another lifetime perhaps? Who knew? Who could say it for sure? 

Kurama imagined to have caused an equally strong impression on Hiei. Nevertheless, Hiei had parted, vanishing in a sudden bash of wind at no warning, just after the redhead told him his name. Had his former reputation as Youko Kurama been too hateful? Too unsettling for the young youkai? 

Hiei had ran away after mumbling a hesitating farewell, leaving Kurama in awe back behind. 

Kurama craved to see that Youkai again. 

The young redhead stood up, feeling too edgy. Even the soft fabric of his pajamas irritated his sensitive skin. He sighed again, this time louder, forgetting all about his books and lessons, lying down on his bed, nestling among the pillows, cuddling to himself. 

The youkai's scent was still all over the sheets... Kurama had not changed bedclothes intentionally, and would not let his mother do it so soon. He breathed, savoring the delicate odors, which brought to his memory so much back from Makai, added to the special, warming youkai's aroma. 

He needed to see him again. He would search the whole world, Ningenkai or Makai after him if necessary. He needed company from his own origin, his own demon plane, one he could really talk to. Empathy had been immediate on his part, although he was not sure about Hiei's reaction to him. The pretty Fire Youkai was intense, misterious, almost too damn reserved to bear. Kurama aspired for him under his both aspects. His youko spirit wanted to take the pretty, small youkai and keep him as a lovingly proprierty, a delicious sexual toy. His youko soul was just enchanted by Hiei's looks and delicacy, and could only think of making love to him madly, endlessly. His human spirit was startled by his beauty and charming innocence. Shuuichi was intrigued, eager to one day be allowed to make part of Hiei's life, therefore learning all he hid behind those tormented red-eyes.His Ningen soul wanted to make him company, learn from him, live with him... 

Both Youko and Ningen Kurama wanted to have Hiei back, at no delay. 

He felt a hardening pressure growing in his body, and smiled slightly, acknowledging the the sensation from his past Youko life. It was Desire, which took a hardening form in between his legs, filling his body with sweet-aching tremors, pervading his mind with a very well-focused, very determined purpose - to have Hiei, to make the pretty youkai his, to share the delicious, at at the same time tormeting pleasure with him, so they could find relief together... 

He moaned, muffling the sound by pressing his face harder against the pillows. The whispering sound he uttered was but a short name, soughed many times, continuously, as the urge within his body increased. "Hiei...", was all echoeing from his tender, moistened lips. Kurama could not help as he touched himself, caressing his own belly, letting his hand slide further down, into his trousers. He could not stand being alone in an alien world anymore. 

How long ago had he felt such an urge for company and sex? He could not remember... It was always very easy for him to satisfy his appetite being a Youko. Just a petty gesture, and dozens of youkai, of all races, shapes and forms would crawl before him, begging a chance to become his sexual toys. 

Nevertheless, that nimble, black-haired demon would never beg for anything. He would prefer to die than bend. Kurama had been able to perceive this from his wild, untamed red-eyes. Eyes which evoked a deep, painful sadness. The young, delicate youkai would never been made so tough and skittish without a reason... 

Hiei was a small, stunning sphynx in black, and Kurama was just itching to decipher his riddle. He had always enjoyed challenges immensely... The hardest the challenge, the more interesting it became. 

Kurama sighed, placing a careful palm around his hard penis. It was a yet a virgin one, yet pulsating with a feverish desire, commanded by a spirit with almost a thousand years' existence. He could not deny his youko past anymore. He had to try to find a balance, a confortable standstill between his two conflicting souls, or be condemned to loose his mind. 

His body twitched with a quick spasm, as his fingertips rubbbed delicately the moistened, too madly sensitive tip of his sex. He could not relax now. All he wanted was Hiei. Desire had filled him up, and could not be refuted anymore. It was love, lust, desire, loneliness, all packed up into one single feeling wich had stricken him when he met the Pretty Fire Youkai. He had been victim of a strong, undeniable Love at First Sight. 

Would Hiei feel the same? 

Probably not. He was gone. Who could know if they would ever meet again. 

He moaned harder, and let his soft, small hand caress his hardness, knowing exactly how to please himself, unable to block his fanstasies as the memories of the half naked youkai laid on his bed filled his mind. Hiei was such a small, worthless youkai. A runt, a low-class demon. A delicious low-class demon; Kurama thought to himself, making his fingers squeeze the hardened shaft firmer as he licked his own lips, imagining how exciting would be just to kiss Hiei's ruby, small mouth. 

He rubbed himself to the pillows, letting his hips start to follow the rhythm of his hand. His hand clasped mercilessly, squeezing his penis, pumping its hardness. The shocking pleasure was slowly accumulating within his graceful, fragile Ningen body. He uttered a strangled cry, feeling a sharp tremor crawling like icy spiders on his skin as pressure increased, making his shaft ache deliciously, demanding release and... 

He heard scratches on the window, added to a rustled patting against the glass. 

Kurama turned his head, grabbing a pillow to push it against his crotch strategically, concealing his erection. 

He could not see much through the windowpane. It was all dark, black... Only after a time he was able to perceive the tiny, brilliant red dots in the middle of the blackened blur... 

Hiei was back! 

So much had crossed Kurama's mind in that short instant of time... He could just stare blankly at the window as he sat on the edge of the bed, the pillow still pressed against his low-abdomen, his lips partly open in a one-syllable, whispered name - Hiei. 

Kurama smiled, happy to know Hiei had considered him worthy enough not to totally erase him from his mind. At least they could be friends, then... 

He breathed in all the air he could, and tried to get his cold self-control back. His solid erection had already turned to tumescence. Kurama carefully pulled the pajama top to cover the small remains of his arousal. His hand trembled, and he needed a lot of his strenght to fight nervousness and stand up. 

He ran to the window, unlocking and opening it wide, letting a broad, satisfied smile light up his face. He could not prevent himself from thinking how the short, almond-eyed youkai looked like a pretty, tiny bird. Delicate, sweet, small and deliciously attractive, always leaping from tree to tree. It all made him a perfect fox-bait... However, Kurama knew he would be hard to catch.that black birdie. One wrong move would cause the pretty youkai to fly away and never, ever come back. 

"Welcome back, Hiei... What can I do for you now?", Kurama announced, his voice toned to a low, sensual whisper. His eyes shone in sheer contentment, as he moved to the side, to let passage to the youkai who stood evenly balanced on the windowsill. 

Kurama's smile faded for a brief instant at the awesome thought - Had the Youkai witnessed him stirring in between the sheets while whispering his name? 

He could not help but blush, staring at the Fire Demon, fascinated by his aparent detachment. Well... If he had seen it, he didn't show. 

In fact, there was so much he didn't show at all. It was the key to his irresistible appeal. 

"Ningenkai is a very confusing place." Hiei announced solemnly, sitting on the windowsill, letting one leg hang while resting crossed arms upon a bent knee."How can you put up with it?" 

Kurama smiled, taking his way back to the bed, sitting on its edge and placing his soft hands on his lap.This way he would not reveal his trembling fingers. 

"Ah... It's a long story..." 


"But I wouldn't mind telling it to you..." 

And even feeling an urge to grab Hiei and pull him to bed, to lay with him, Kurama managed to keep his self control. The green-eyed boy took a glimpse at his desk, where his notebook laid abandoned, its pages flipped by the wind coming from the open window. He stared at the youkai then, and his heart felt warmed, complete, as if a long-born yearning had been fullfilled at last. 

Hiei hadn't returned out of plain curiosity. He had been affected by their first meeting also, although he'd better die than admitting it. 

All in all, Kurama had a hunch; Hiei would be his in the end... 




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