The Courting Fire Demon

BYSandy Youko

The Courting Fire Demon by Bulma Briefs 

The fire demon opened his eyes, first a slight crack; then a pair of almond eyes widely opened welcoming the first break of daylight. A small smile crept on his face. 

Hiei walked out of bed, snapping his fingers. A small multicolored furball came hopping in the room. "Yes, Hiei-sama?" it asked. "Keep the bed tidy. I'd be gone for a while," he told the thing. The furball nodded and flew up to the bed, putting it back into place. 

Hiei went to wash himself and came out dripping wet. The furball went to the floor to mop the water trailed by the demon. Hiei opened the closet and surfed through the clothes that were inside. Neatly hung and folded were some of his most treasured clothes from the Ningenkai given by Kurama and Yuusuke. 

"Going back to Ningenkai, Hiei-sama?" the furball asked. Hiei nodded carelessly and let the furball roll over him as it dried him with his fur. Hiei reached to take some clothes to match a certain dressing code in his mind. A pair of white jeans, of baby blue sleeveless with mandarin collar and a pair of snickers. He smelled the attire in his arms and closed his eyes. His thoughts drifted to the times when he was in the Ningenkai. 

With his mind still in thoughts, he tried to slip on the clothes. Then he paused. The jeans were too small to was dangling 3/4 above his feet. "This is bad. I've grown," Hiei snorted. The furball giggled. "I'll make it fine," it uttered and wiggled his magical fingers, pointing it at the clothes. A bright red hue was created and it made Hiei fussing in annoyance. "Can't you create any magic with less intense brightness?" he snorted, slipping in the now nicely sized jeans. 

"How long have you been away, Hiei-sama?" the furball asked. Hiei looked at the furball and thought for a while. His expression changed. "10 years..." he said solemnly. 


Hiei looked at Mukuro as the lady looked at her. She eyed him with much intensity that Hiei felt that there should be a hole through himself now. "You've grown," Mukuro blinked her fine yellow eye. Hiei shrugged. 

Mukuro made some counting with her fingers. "You've grown at least a foot taller, weigh 30 pounds heavier and soften 50% since the last time you've been there," she commented. "I am not soft. I'm hard," he smirked, showing Mukuro his well-sculptured arm muscles that flexed appealingly under that smooth skin. 

Mukuro laughed. "Still that innocent though. Are you sure they're going to recognize you?" she smiled. Hiei blinked. "I hope you go to Ningenkai and find that thing that you want," she said in an ordering tone. "What will that be then?" Hiei asked. "I not need to tell you either. You'll find it when you're there and get it when you make the right decisions and do the right things," she said, as symbolic as always. 

Hiei shrugged. "Whatever," he turned around. "Have fun, my child," Mukuro waved at the now S-Class koorime crossbreed. 


Hiei's travel through the portals was easy and fast. Less than a few seconds he was now in front of Yuusuke's apartment. Hiei looked at it again and concentrated. Or maybe it was Yuusuke's ex-apartment. He couldn't sense Yuusuke's Reiki inside. 

He rang the bell anyway. After a few seconds, he was about to ring it again but the door opened. A middle-aged woman in her early forties opened the door. She blinked at the person in front of the door a few times. "I think I know you, but I'm too sleepy to remember. Try me," she said, a smirk on her face. "Atsuko?" he asked. 

Atsuko concentrated on the voice. It sounded all too familiar to just ignore. "Although you might sound like Hiei, you don't look like the short spiky hair demon anymore," she pouted. Hiei smiled. "It's me. I've grown. That's all," he explained. "Gods, you look beautiful!" she exclaimed. Hiei blushed slightly. "No I don't; you do," he replied. "Oh god, you changed as well!! You'd never use sweet talks like this! Anyway if you're looking for Yuusuke, he's just a few blocks away from here. He's married now," Atsuko smiled. Hiei nodded. "I've heard some time ago he was married. I was sorry I couldn't attend it. Mukuro didn't let me," Hiei smiled. Atsuko nodded. "That's understood. Wait a sec," Atsuko went inside to scribble something on a paper. She handed Hiei the paper and smiled. "This is Yuusuke's address. Go find him. I bet he should be happy to see you!" 

Hiei smiled and ran a hand through his hair unconsciously. "I...I need to go and find Yuusuke. Catch you later, Atsuko-san!" Hiei smiled and waved at her before jumping down from the 7th floor of Atsuko's apartment. 


Hiei went to Yuusuke's apartment and Keiko told him that Yuusuke was not in. It seems that every Saturday, Yuusuke and the others will go to Genkai's temple to clean it and hang out together to spend some quality time with each other. 

Within a few seconds he was at the arch of the temple. He was nervous. It had been a while, too long even. 

He could hear the sounds coming from inside the temple. With his cleverly masked youki, no one could sense him. He walked up the steps slowly and paused one last time before he opened the door. He took a deep breath and slid the door open. 

Everyone in the room stopped talking and looked at him. It wasn't just Yuusuke, Kurama and Kuwabara. There were two kids next to Yuusuke, a small girl next to Kuwabara and a young lady next to Kurama. Hiei smiled. "Minna, genki?" he smiled. 

Yuusuke blinked. "You bastard!" he walked up to Hiei. "Where have you been!?" Yuusuke hugged his friend. Hiei hugged the boy back. "Work," Hiei answered softly. "Yo shrimp! You're no shrimp anymore! Just look at you! As tall as Yuusuke," Kuwabara laughed. "He's taller than Yuusuke," said a soft alto. Hiei turned to look at Kurama. "Welcome back Hiei," Kurama smiled. Hiei nodded. But when his eyes gazed over to the young lady next to Kurama, his heart was slightly scratched. 

"This is your uncle Hiei," Kuwabara said to the little girl. The small girl with the same red eyes as Hiei smiled and ran over to Hiei. "Kawaikute kirei na hito ne, touchan?" she giggled. "Kimi mou," Hiei smiled as he put her on his laps. Kurama eyed the boy. He changed a lot. 

"These are my kids," Yuusuke introduced. Hiei smiled "Look too much like their mother," Hiei commented. "Gods, everyone says that!" Yuusuke sighed. Hiei laughed playfully. He then turned to look at Kurama. "........." 

Kuwabara sighed. "Kurama, introduce her," Kurama looked at Kuwabara then at Hiei and smiled. "She's Tanami, my girlfriend," Kurama uttered. Hiei blinked. "Oh..." Hiei gave no other expression but to pick out something in his pocket. "I have candies and marshmallows. Now the three of you share," Hiei gave it to the little girl in his lap and she went over to the other two kids to share the goodies. 

"You never share your candies," Kurama uttered. Hiei smiled. "So how was Makai?" Kuwabara asked. "Fine, it's been in peace since years ago," Hiei smiled. "Saw what my territory last did?" Yuusuke asked. Hiei nodded. "The last Makai festival in your territory nearly blew off the sacred tree of the demons," Hiei smirked. "Yeah, then the compensations were a lot as well," Yuusuke laughed. 

Tanami pulled Kurama's sleeve. "It's about time," she said, urging the redhead. Kurama felt bad. He wanted to stay and talk with his best friend who had been away for more than 10 years. They need a lot to catch up with but if Tanami isn't satisfied and told his mother about it, then he'll feel bad because his mother liked Tanami. 

"I'm sorry guys, We have to go now," Kurama said. Hiei turned to look at Kurama with obvious hurt in his eyes. "So fast?" he asked. Kurama smiled. "We'll catch up with old times later," Kurama waved and walked out with Tanami in front. 

Hiei forgot what he was talking about. "She's beautiful isn't she?" Kuwabara asked. Hiei blinked. "That girl?" he asked. Kuwabara asked. "Yes, a pair match made in heaven," Kuwabara smiled. Yuusuke sensed something not quite right with Hiei. "Hiei. Are you okay?" he asked. Hiei nodded. "Yeah, fine, where were we?" he asked. "You were talking about the way those demons were thrown in the air," Yuusuke smiled. Hiei nodded. 


Yuusuke had to go home for dinner so Hiei followed Kuwabara back to see Yukina. A slender young lady with greenish ice blue hair appeared at the door, when the bell was rang. "Kazuma-san, okaeri..." her words trailed off when she saw her brother. "Hiei-san?" she asked. Hiei nodded. "Hisashiburina, Yukina-chan," Hiei smiled. 

Yukina cried and hugged her brother. "Oniichan!! Genki desu ka?" She asked, between joyful tears. "Genki, genki..." Hiei smiled as he patted his sister's back. "We're just about to have dinner, aniki. Join us," she kissed her husband as Kuwabara came in. Hiei nodded. She started showering him with questions and answers as she set the table for dinner. 

At least they managed to catch up with each other. Yukina showed emotions and happiness that Hiei came back. They had a nice dinner and finally Hiei stood up. It was nearly midnight and the little one won't sleep if Hiei was there. She loved the guy so much that she just couldn't close her eyes. 

"I think I'd better leave, there's more people I need to see," Hiei smiled. Yukina nodded and hugged her brother once more. "I love you. Please visit us sometime again," she smiled. Hiei nodded. "Me too, I will," with that he was gone. 

It was snowing. The night was freezing cold. Actually he had no where to go. His feet walked unconsciously and suddenly it stopped. When Hiei looked around, he was in front of Hatanaka's residence. Hiei remembered the tree where he used to sleep on in front of Kurama's window and some times he will fall and Kurama will look out from the window and offer him to come into his room. Hiei closed his eyes. 

Old times were so good. 

The Jaganshi was slightly sad that he won't get such treatment anymore. Kurama had grown as well. He grew more matured, even less more talkative and more...attractive. 

Hiei shook his head. "What are you thinking about?" he asked himself in the snow. Then his eyes traveled up to the warmly lit room at the second floor of the residence. He let out a soft sigh. 

"You lied said you'd wait for me..." 



"You going back to Makai?" Kurama asked. Hiei nodded. "How long?" the redhead kept asking. "I don't know. Will you wait for me?" Hiei asked. "Wait?" Kurama asked. Hiei smiled and shook his head. "Nothing," the fire demon walked away leaving the redhead behind. 

End of flashback... 

Hiei closed his eyes. He should have made himself clear to Kurama then. But now it was too late. Kurama already has a lover. 

Then the door of Hatanaka's residence opened. It was Kurama who came out. Hiei panicked. He was about to run when Kurama stopped him. "Hiei!" That voice. The only voice in his heart and life that would ever make him stop at anything. 

"Why are you running away? Why didn't you come in?" Kurama walked out to stand next to Hiei. "It's snowing, why don't you come in and have tea?" Hiei looked at Kurama with hurt eyes but he forced a smile. 

Kurama lead Hiei into the house as he stopped at the doorway to shut off the water pipe so it won't freeze in the night. As Hiei walked into the house, Kurama shut off the lights. You go into my room first. I'll come up with some tea and cookies. 

Hiei walked up to Kurama's room. It hasn't been too much of a difference in the room. Still as tidy as before. Still the single-bed that he sometimes slept in when he was around last time. 

Kurama came into the room and shut the door behind him. He poured some tea and sipped some himself. "Why did you run?" Kurama asked. Hiei shook his head. "No reason," Hiei said softly. "You don't want to see me," Kurama smiled, back to his old teasing self. "Shouldn't it be that way around?" Hiei replied. 

Kurama's expression changed. "Hiei, what do you mean?" he asked. Hiei shook his head again. "Nothing," Hiei got up. "I think I'd better go," Hiei reached up to go to the window, wishing to exit the way he used to a thousand times when he was younger. "Stop," Hiei paused. "You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's bothering you," Kurama walked up to Hiei and tried to touch him. 

Hiei fidgeted away from the feather light fingers on his cold skin. He didn't want to get touched by those loving fingers, those same fingers that were caressing a body of another human. 

"Why are you acting this way?" Kurama asked. Hiei looked at Kurama's green eyes. "Do you like Tanami?" he asked. The expression on his face was solemn and demanding. Kurama smiled. "Yes, she's..." but before Kurama could continue anything, Hiei had opened the window with speed faster than lightning and disappeared into the harsh black winter outside. 

Kurama rushed to the window. "Hiei? Hi...e.........i!" Kurama called out from the window. 

The fire demon actually fell into the 5 feet thick snow under Kurama's window and stayed there in silence. His eyes started to burn and tears ran out of his eyes. He was sad. And he couldn't control himself as much as he could last time. It was cold, dead cold. As cold and as dead as he felt inside. Slowly he climbed out of the snow and ran from Hatanaka's residence. 

His feet stopped at the same place he went to earlier in the day. His hand reached out to shakily ring the bell. A few moments later A man with dark green hair opened the door and yawned. "Hiei?" he asked. Hiei lunged forward to hug the man and hide his face on the crook of his neck. 


Yuusuke came over with a basin of hot water. "Put your feet into it. You'll feel better," Yuusuke ordered. Hiei nodded and did as he was told. After a long silence, Hiei spoke. "Yuusuke?" he asked. "Em?" Hiei blinked. "How do you court someone you like?" he asked. "Well that depends," Yuusuke smiled. "Why? Do you like someone?" he asked. Hiei looked at his pretty feet in the water. 

"Yeah, but that person already has a lover. Do you think I still have a chance?" Hiei asked. "Chances are always there Hiei, it just depends on you," Yuusuke smiled and leaned closer. "Who is it, anyway?" Yuusuke's eyes gleamed. 

"If I tell you who the person is, would you help me?" Hiei asked. "Sure will!" Yuusuke agreed blindly. "It's Kurama," Hiei said in a swift liquid flow. "Sure...!" Then Yuusuke paused when he heard the name right. "K...Kurama? But..." Hiei looked at Yuusuke. "You promised," he said. 

"Well, Tanami really likes Kurama...and Kurama...I dunno if he likes her a lot but he's..." Then his eyes traveled towards Hiei who was walking to his window. "Where are you going?" Yuusuke asked. "It's okay if you don't want to. I won't do such as well if I were you. I'm going back to Makai and fight," he answered. 

Yuusuke frowned. "With who?" he asked. Hiei shrugged. "Anyone, until I find someone that could kill me," Yuusuke rushed towards Hiei and stopped him. "Why?" He held Hiei's wrist. "It has been my dream to come back to Kurama after I became an upper S-Class. But since he's in love with someone else, I have nothing else to do with my life. I might as well end it. I can't sit here to watch Kurama get married with someone else and make love to her..." Hiei's eyes were full of tears. 

"But you can't just die! If you want to die so much, I'll do it for you," Yuusuke said, trying reverse psychology on Hiei. "Sure," Hiei broke Yuusuke's window and took a piece of sharp glass. "Put it through my heart," he said firmly. "Hiei," Yuusuke shook his head. "I didn't mean so," he walked back to the chair he was sitting on. 

"Thank you for your time," Hiei once again disappeared into the streets. 

He landed on a tree and looked up at the falling snow. It had never bothered him in his life but why did he felt cold and hurt inside? His eyes traveled down to a family who walked past the tree. 

:... They're so lucky they have love...I've never tasted any since I was born......: Unconsciously, tears rolled down from his eyes. 

The hot tears burnt his eyes, making him shut it tight. :... You'll never taste love, Hiei... you're a sore jinx. Love runs away from you! Hahahaha!!! ...: a sick voice mocked him bitterly. "No... please don't... don't hurt me like this..." Hiei begged the voice inside him to stop. But then his mind kept replaying the image of his clan's abhorrence towards him, cursing him, affronting him and finally the image of Tanami holding Kurama's hands taking him away... 

"Please don't take away my only friend... my Kurama... I love him..." he said in unconsciousness, lying on top of the tree branch showered by a bitter blizzard before he fell asleep crying. 


"Ohayo Kurama," Yuusuke smiled. "Ohayo, Yuusuke... one beef noodle please," Kurama smiled and sat down. "Comin' right up," he said as he told his workers to get the order. 

Sunday mornings are always busy but Yuusuke still went to sit at Kurama's table for some chat. "Yuusuke, do you think that Hiei has gotten weird?" Kurama asked. Yuusuke shook his head. "Why?" he asked; Kurama shrugged. "Well, he came to my house yesterday but didn't want to come in. Good thing I came out to shut off the water pipe and saw him. He ran away. But I stopped him and invited him inside. After a few words, he flitted out of the window without a word. It's very strange," Kurama explained. 

Yuusuke looked at Kurama. He didn't like Tanami anyway. "Then he came to my house," Yuusuke told the redhead. "Is he okay?" Kurama asked. Yuusuke shrugged. "We're talking about something and I think I hurt his feelings, so he went out," Yuusuke said. "Oh, poor Hiei... he spent the night outside in the cold," Kurama's face softened. 

Yuusuke eyes sprang open when he saw Hiei coming into his shop. "It's Hiei," Yuusuke said. But when Kurama turned around and his eyes met Hiei's, the young man turned around and walked away. "Why is he avoiding me?" Kurama asked. 

"No idea," Yuusuke said softly. Kurama shook his head and walked over to the door where Hiei was. 

Hiei walked away. He felt really bad, now he was to suffer with an empty stomach. 

Kurama looked left then right. Then he saw a familiar figure. He was about to go after that figure when someone tapped on his shoulder from behind. "Oh, hi Tanami," Kurama smiled. "Sorry I'm late," she smiled. Kurama nodded. "It's okay, you go inside first. I need to do something," with that Kurama went to chase after the figure he saw just now. 

It wasn't hard for him to catch up with the figure. His hand reached out to catch the person's wrist. Hiei turned around when his wrist was gripped. "Kurama?" Hiei asked. "Of course it's me, why are you avoiding me?" Kurama asked. Hiei shook his head. "Hiei, you've been acting strange around me since you came back. We're best friends remember? We always tell each other......" 

"NO!" Hiei retorted. Kurama blinked. "Why not?" The redhead inquired. "I tell you, but you didn't tell me," Hiei snapped. "Hiei... I do tell you everything," Kurama smile. Hiei shook his head. "You never told me you already had a lover," Hiei let go of his hand. "But you were in Makai!" Kurama said. "Couldn't you send a message or whatever?" Hiei gritted his teeth. 

Kurama was lost in words. Okay, it was his fault. Hiei never had a friend as close as Kurama and he might felt betrayed when Kurama didn't tell him about Tanami. Hiei suddenly lunged forwards and kissed Kurama hard on the lips. 

With that Hiei ran away. Kurama's finger reached up to touch his lips, he was stunt. "Hiei..." he said softly. 

Tanami saw. She was following Kurama when she saw that boy kissed her lover. She walked over to Kurama. "Why did he do that?" she demanded. Kurama looked at her. "I... I don't know myself," he said, but inside he was in doubt. He had a clue of what was all this about but he was afraid about what he thought would be true. Deep inside his confident brick of Tanami's love had started to crack thus dumping the redhead in confusion. 


A soft tap was heard on his window. Kurama opened his eyes and walked over to the window, sliding the curtain aside. Kurama unlock the window and someone came in landing gracefully on his carpeted floor. 

"It's cold," Hiei uttered. Kurama smiled. "Don't sleep outside anymore then," he told the koorime. "I'll ask Yuusuke if he has a spare room tomorrow," Hiei answered. Kurama sighed. He meant to tell Hiei to stay in his room. 

Then something came back to Kurama's mind. "Hiei?" he asked the fire demon who was shaking off ice from his tied up hair. "Why did you kiss me today?" he asked. 

Hiei stopped. His eyes darted to the window. Kurama shook his head and walked over to the window to prevent Hiei from flitting again. Hiei stood up; he realized that now he was as tall as Kurama. He walked towards the redhead and looked deep into his green eyes. 

He leaned forth and planted another kiss on Kurama's sweet lips. His left hand was supporting Kurama's neck and the other hand on Kurama's back, pulling him closer. The redhead started to drown himself in that warm loving embrace and responded to the sensuous wet kiss when a piece of Tanami's love wall fell down crushing at the floor of his heart. Kurama blinked and pushed Hiei away. "Hiei, snap out of it!" he blinked at the floor. He couldn't believe what he just did. Now he was even more confused. 

Hiei blinked. He looked at the floor. It was no use. No use if he was an upper S-Class. He was still a forbidden child. "Please move," Hiei asked. Kurama was too stunned to do anything. "I am sorry. I didn't knew where did I get such a nerve as to think that you'd even like a forbidden child like me," Hiei's eyes were blurry with tears. 

"Hiei..." Kurama felt bad, he had hurt Hiei's feelings. "MOVE OVER!" Hiei shouted. "It's not like that Hiei. I'm a boy and you're a boy... these things won't work. Besides I have Tanami already," Kurama tried to explain. But he himself doubted what he said to Hiei was true. He frowned, too much confusing thoughts in his mind. 

Hiei fell to the floor. "Why are you hurting me? It's okay if you just tell me no. Why must you tell me it wouldn't work and you already have a lover?" Hiei clutched his chest as if it was painful. "Hiei, are you okay?" Kurama asked. 

"Why would you care if I died even!?" Hiei snapped, teary eyed. "Because we're friends!" Kurama exclaimed back. "Thanks a lot, FRIEND!" Hiei said sarcastically and tried to stand up. "I'm sorry for disturbing you," Hiei pushed Kurama away from the window. 

"Hiei, let me help you if you're hurt," Kurama reached out to hold Hiei by the shoulders. Hiei winced his eyes, his heart hurt a lot. He couldn't breath. 

The fire demon collapse. 

"Hiei!" Kurama's eyes widened as he carried the young man on the bed. Kurama checked his pulse but it was fine. 

"Yuusuke," Kurama uttered instantly. He ran towards the phone on his table and dialed a series of number swiftly. 

"Mrrlow..." a sleepy voice answered from the other side. "Yusuuke! Taihen desu yo!!! Hiei ga...Hiei ga...!!" Kurama's voice was shaking. "Hey, Kurama!! Calm down! Tell me what happen one by one," Yuusuke tried to stop the fox from trembling like a radio frequency. 

"H... Hiei's heart hurts! Yukina fast!" Kurama tried to tell Yuusuke as calm as he could but to no avail he was shaking like a rattle-snake. 

"Wha!? Okay, okay, I'll call Yukina right now! You just stay there and watch Hiei okay?" Yuusuke told the redhead. Kurama nodded on the other side. Yuusuke hung up the phone and rushed to put on his coat. "Where you going?" Keiko asked, rubbing her eyes. "Hiei's sick. I'll come back soon. Need to get Yukina," He said and gave Keiko a kiss before going off. 

He ran his way towards Kuwabara's residence in thick snow and pounded on the door as soon as he got to it. "KUWABARA!!! YUKINA!!! OKIRUN DA YO!!!" Yuusuke shouted at the top of his lungs. 

"What is it?" A sleepy face appeared after a few more pounds on the door. "Hiei's in bad condition. Call Yukina," Yuusuke said, panting for dear life. 


Kurama looked at the koorime under the help of the bright light in his room. His features had sharpened throughout the years. His jaws were more refined, his hair was long, tied up in a messy ponytail, his hands were full of veins covered by pale skin and most of all, his beautifully developed lean body. He was beautiful. And those were what that made him so much in control and not just shout the whole household awake. 

He was shaken again by the pounding sound on the door. He ran as fast as lightning towards the door downstairs skipping alternate steps. "Minna-san...Hiei's upstairs," with that, everyone rushed up to Kurama's room. 

Yukina sat next to Hiei and checked him thoroughly. "Hiei-san, are you okay?" Yukina started to talk. Hiei's eyes opened slowly. "Yukina-chan?" he asked. "Yes, it's me," she smiled, holding his hand. Kurama smiled. He was glad that Hiei was all right. 

"Hiei, don't worry us like this again," Yuusuke laughed. Kuwabara nodded. "I was dreaming about visiting Candy Island," Kuwabara joked to liven up the atmosphere. "You're planning to go alone and leave me," Hiei pouted in reply to Kuwabara's joke with humor. 

"What's all the noise?" a soft feminine voice inquired. "Oh Hi Tanami, did we wake you up?" Kurama asked. Tanami wrapped her arms around the redhead when she came in. 

Hiei eyed her bitterly, then pushed away the covers that were on him. "I think I'm all better now," he said, but his voice was telling otherwise. "You need more rest, Hiei..." Kuwabara tried to stop him from straightening up. "GO AWAY!" the koorime snapped and practically pushed Kuwabara away as he walked to the window with effort. "Hiei," Kurama started. "Don't...! Call my name..." Hiei said trying hard to stop his tears. 

He jumped up to the windowsill and flitted away. 


"What's that?" Kuwabara pointed at a shiny thing on the carpeted floor. Yukina rushed to pick up the small tiny gem. "A Hiruiseki..." Yukina blinked. 

"...Hiei-san cried..." she continued. 

"That silly boy," Kurama shook his head. "Kurama, he has feelings," Yuusuke narrowed his eyes. "I understand, but..." 

"Kurama's mine. I don't care what you all think. I don't care what that weird guy thinks. Tell him we have no secrets and we're getting married. Stop making a fool out of himself," Tanami said sternly and went out. She knew that Kurama's group of friends didn't fancy her much and since the comeback of this young man into their life, Kurama seemed distracted and different. And she didn't like it. 

Yuusuke mimicked Tanami and rolled his eyes. "Tanami," Kurama ran after her. Another piece of the wall came down. He didn't like Tanami saying such things to Hiei. Hiei was his best friend. Hiei was his...Kurama shut his eyes and stopped in front of Tanami's door. 

:... Hiei's my... what? ...: he asked himself and leaned on the wall next to the door. Upheaval thinking messed his thoughts now. 


"I think Hiei likes Kurama," Kuwabara said on their way back from Kurama's. "Oh that's so obvious. Can you tell us something more cryptic?" Yuusuke asked. 

"Why does Tanami-san act like that?" Yukina asked. "You don't like it either, ne?" Yuusuke smiled. Yukina looked at the ground. "Not like that, Yuusuke-san but..." Yuusuke laughed. "We know, we know... You're so sweet, how could u hate anyone...But I really hate her," Yuusuke pouted. "We could do something," Kuwabara grinned. "Like...?" Yuusuke looked at the tall man. 

"Say, we get out of Tokyo. All 4 of us. Just Tanami won't get to come and we could push both of them together. Kicking that Tanami out once and for all! A happy ending to the saga of Hiei and Kurama's love," Kuwabara grinned. "Sounds fun to me!" Yuusuke's eyes gleamed. "I wish you good luck! I would like to see Kurama-san with my oniisan even. They suit well," Yukina smiled. 


Yuusuke looked out the window. It's a bright Monday. His ramen shop closes at Monday. He concentrated for a while and found Hiei's youki. The youkai was somewhere in the city. 

Yuusuke got ready and changed into something more presentable. He kissed Keiko goodbye as he walked out to the streets enjoying the feeling of being around people. 

He spied that black flicker of youki again and followed it. Finally after a few cornering, the Mazoku found the Jaganshi fast asleep under a tree near the lake in the park. "How could you sleep so fast?" Yuusuke pondered aloud as he sat next to the sleeping koorime. 

"Hello Hiei," Yuusuke greeted the fire demon. "What is it?" Hiei asked, without even opening his eyes. "We're planning on going to an outing this weekend. Just the four of us, like we used to back in the old days. Just that this time without a mission," Yuusuke suggested, smiling. 

"Not interested," Hiei said flatly. "I know you are. Just imagine. No Tanami, but got Kurama. You could court him. We all know Tanami doesn't suit him. And he doesn't love Tanami as much..." Yuusuke trailed off. 

"What are you talking about? Why should I even think of doing so?" Hiei asked. "Well, basically because you love him and he doesn't realize it... yet! So, obviously we need someone to make him realize of that," Yuusuke grinned. "Fusegen na..." Hiei turned to the other side. "Oh, why not? Just imagine... Hiei courting Kurama... that'll be so cute," Yuusuke teased the boy. "Kudaran..." Hiei replied lazily. "Hiei, don't give up that easily," Yuusuke sighed. 

Hiei turned around to face Yuusuke. "I tried, Yuusuke... but I failed. Now I can't face Kurama... don't have the face to do so! How could a pathetic forbidden child of the Koorime like me, mix with such a beautiful creature?!" Hiei raised his voice. "But Hiei..." Hiei put a finger in front of Yuusuke's mouth. "I tried to tell him, but he rejected me," Hiei sighed, turning away. 

Yuusuke paused. He thought of what Hiei might be feeling like now. But then he smiled and thought of positive things to lighten things up. "Hiei, you should hear when he was calling me to tell me that you were hurt. His voice was shaking like a haywired radio frequency! He loves you Hiei! He just doesn't realize it! Remember last time when you guys used to be so close? That you trust only him to tie your forbidden bandage? That you always go to him when you were hurt and when you keep an eye on him on every battle we were in..." Yuusuke sighed. 

"I knew I acted stupid... you didn't have to remind me," Hiei snorted. "Kurama in return gave you his part of the heart by taming you, taking care of you when you were sick and wounded, calming you down when you were burning and understands your every decision..." Yuusuke noted. "And he was miserable the few days you went back to Makai," Yuusuke told the koorime. 

Hiei was silent. 

"Whatever... I hope you get what I am trying to say. This Friday evening at 6, come to my place first. I hope you'll have enough time to plan out your stuffs," Yuusuke teased the boy before running away. Hiei gritted his teeth. "One day I'll pay you back!" Hiei shouted. "Of course you will! On your wedding day!" Yuusuke laughed. Hiei shook his head and rolled his eyes. 


Kurama put down the phone and smiled. "What are you smiling about?" Tanami asked Kurama. Kurama shook his head. "Well, Yuusuke planned an outing for us this weekend," Kurama smiled. "Oh, really?" She beamed. "Yeah, the four of us. Just like the old times," Kurama told her. "Four?" she asked. Kurama nodded. "Yuusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei and I," he explained. "Ohh…" Tanami's face dropped, she was hoping to go along. 

"Do you like this Hiei guy?" Tanami suddenly asked. Kurama looked at her. "Why such a question? I told you we are best friends," Kurama smiled. "But he disappeared that night and I haven't seen him since," Kurama sighed. :... Maybe I should go and look for him ...: Kurama thought to himself. 

Tanami shrugged. "Well, okay then. I'll go back to my room now. Bye," Tanami said, walking towards Kurama to give him a good night kiss. Suddenly the doorbell rang. "Oh I'll get it," Kurama escaped the kiss and went to the door. Tanami frowned and shrugged, walking back to her room. 

It was the pizza guy. Kurama looked inside and made sure Tanami was gone. "How much is it?" he asked the guy in a whisper. "1500yen" he grinned and replied in an equal whisper. Kurama gave the money and slipped up the pizza into his room without Tanami's knowledge. 

He locked the room and put the pizza on the table. The pizza was actually for Hiei. Kurama hoped that Hiei would come that night and he could pay the Koorime back for what he did. 

The redhead waited for hours but there was not even a tap on the window. Kurama sighed in melancholy. Hiei was really mad at him. But why was he so worried about that? 

Kurama started to think. Hiei had gone for more than 10 years. Why did he come back? Maybe it was because of Yuusuke? Himself even? Kurama sighed. He lay back on his bed, still thinking. Thinking himself to sleep. 


Kurama rushed back from work. "Damn, it's already 6.50!!" he exclaimed to himself as he entered the door to his house. His parents were still not back from their vacation so there was only Tanami sitting in the living room feeding on TV shows. 

"Oh Hi, terebi o mitai n da?" Kurama smiled as he pulled out his socks, putting them into his shoes and placing them neatly in the shoe cabinet. Tanami nodded. "Yuusuke just called. He's on his way," she said and continued watching the show. 

Kurama slapped his forehead. "Okay, okay... I'll go get washed first," he flitted up the stair. 

Then the doorbell rang. Tanami looked at the door and sighed. "Coming," she said and lazily walked up to the door, opening it. "Is Kurama back yet?" Was Yuusuke's first greeting. Tanami nodded as she saw Hiei behind Yuusuke. "Come in," she said, letting the men in. 

"He's upstairs," she told the men. "Oh, okay... we'll wait for him upstairs," he said and followed Hiei up. 

They turned the knob and Kurama's door opened. They could hear the water still running in Kurama's bathroom and made themselves comfortable inside his room. 

Yuusuke looked as Kurama already had his bag ready yesterday. "Eh... I feel thirsty. Ne, Hiei... I'll go down and get a drink. Do you want anything?" he asked. Hiei shook his head. "I'm okay," Hiei said softly and smiled. "Oh, okay then," Yuusuke walked out the room accidentally locking the door behind him. 

Hiei looked outside the window, the sun was setting creating a reddish hue atmosphere warming the whole scene. It was beautiful. Serene. 

Hiei's thoughts were interrupted when the door to the bathroom opened and out came a beautiful red hair beauty emerging from the other side of the door. 

"Hiei... didn't knew you were here already," Kurama smiled at the youkai sitting on his bed. Hiei blinked, showing Kurama no expression. Kurama walked over to Hiei. 

The youko knelt in between Hiei's legs and held his hand. Hiei blinked nervously as he swallowed a lump in his throat. He couldn't stand this anymore. The image of a half naked wet redhead made real by Kurama barely made him able to breath, let aside holding down a hardening prick in between his legs. 

"Hiei..." Kurama called again, his voice as soft and alluring as what Hiei remembered 10 years ago. 

"I'm sorry for what I did that day. I knew I was stupid," Kurama apologized. "It's okay," Hiei said softly. His finger tilted up Kurama's chin. The redhead looked so beautiful. His bottomless emerald gems had deepened throughout the years creating invisible depths of mysterious beauty hidden, waiting for the person to make it afloat. 

"Kurama..." Hiei said softly. As stunned as Hiei was, the redhead felt the same. He never realized how warm Hiei felt, how handsome he was, how strong he was and how beautiful Hiei's ruby gems were when they were highlighted by the setting sun's reddish hue. Burning with desire... love... 

"Love?" he suddenly pondered aloud. Hiei blinked. "Love?" he echoed. Kurama looked down, flushed. Why was he blushing? The redhead frowned, again the confusing thinking trying to manipulate his mind. Now it had became worse as these feelings and thoughts changed and shifted into an aphrodisiac substance in his nerves system, causing him to think in an indecent manner. 

Kurama felt it, as another piece of Tanami's love wall crumble, making space revealing something still hidden, but not as well. He looked up into Hiei's eyes once again. "Hiei... I..." 

Then there was a knock. "Hiei, I think I accidentally locked the door. Can you open it? Kuwabara's here already," Yuusuke's voice hollered from the other side of the door. 

Kurama looked at the door and paused, still holding Hiei's hand. Then his eyes came back to Hiei. "Go open the door," Hiei smiled. Kurama nodded and walked towards the door, opening it. 

"Are we ready?" Kuwabara asked. 

Kurama smiled and nodded. "I just need to change," he uttered with a sweet smile. 


"What's the plan?" Kurama asked. Yuusuke cleared his throat as he searched for the papers in his bag despite the moving train. As the train was full, only Yuusuke and Kuwabara managed to get a seat. Hiei and Kurama ended up standing in the crowd next to them. 

"Well, I don't know what season it is, but the place I rented our place only had 3 rooms left; 2 single rooms and a double," Yuusuke smiled. "Who's taking the double?" Kurama asked. "Since Kuwabara snores..." Kuwabara looked at Yuusuke sharply, but the man winked his eyes in signal. "... and I talk in my sleep. It's best we have our own rooms. Do you two mind taking the double?" Kuwabara grinned at Yuusuke's bright-headed excuse. 

"Oh, it's okay... Good thing you don't snore ne, Hiei?" Kurama teased. Hiei smiled. 

Kurama swallowed a lump in his throat when he realized that Hiei was staring at him for quite some time. For no reason, he started to blush. 

Suddenly the train stopped at a station. Inertia taking force over Hiei, making him fell forwards accidentally pressing his lips and body upon Kurama's. Both blinked at each other while their bodies still intact. 

On impulse, the fire demon struck out his tongue running it over Kurama's dampened lips. 

Kurama broke their accidental embrace and turned away. He closed his eyes and his breathing starting to get ragged. Was it intentional or accidental? Kurama wanted to believe it was accidental but with Hiei running his tongue on his lips after that, it was hard to believe. 

Kurama turned around to peep at the fire demon. Why was he afraid? 10 years ago, it was good to have Hiei at least even smile. But now... 

Another piece of Tanami's love wall fell into the darkened pit of Kurama's heart, vanishing. 


"Here's the key. God's it's freezing cold. I'm getting inside to get a warm bath," Yuusuke ran to his room. "Ore mou!!" Kuwabara hollered as he also disappeared into his room. Hiei and Kurama were left to face each other. "Shall we?" he asked the young man. Hiei nodded and let Kurama lead the way to their room. 

It was nearly midnight when they were settled in. "I'm going to take a bath Hiei," Kurama informed the koorime and went into the private bathtub in the room behind the slide. Kurama put in a piece of 100 yen coin and switched on the water heater. He waited as the warm water filled the tub, sending warmth to his face as the steam vaporized in the air. 

Kurama tested the water with his dainty fingers and slipped off his attire as he felt that the water was set enough. He sunk himself into the warm water loosening all the tight knots in his muscles. His eyes closed into serenity as he breathed in the warm steam. 

Suddenly he opened his eyes and saw a pair of red eyes staring at him. "Hiei?" Kurama asked. Hiei smiled. "Do you mind sharing the tub with me? I don't want to waste money and..." Hiei trailed off as he couldn't find another excuse that's fit enough to be told to Kurama then. 

Kurama smiled. "Sure," he smiled, moving a bit as he saw Hiei stripping naked right in front of him with his back facing Kurama. Kurama blinked as Hiei bent to pull down his pants and he saw Hiei's balls hanging loose from between his long legs. Not even bothered to cover his private parts, Hiei turned around. Kurama couldn't seem to tear of his eyes from that gleaming semi-erected rod of Hiei's. It was large and beautiful. Hiei smiled. 

"It must be real cold," Hiei noted, hinting the redhead playfully as Kurama looked up to him. The redhead immediately looked down into the water, blushing. But his gaze landed on his own erection that appeared to enlarge in a fairly rapid growth. 

His eyes then looked at Hiei who stepped slowly into the water letting Kurama devour the image of the fire demon slowly swallowed by the warm water. 

The fire demon finally set in opposite of Kurama. The redhead who was looking at the bottom of the tub, played with the warm water. He was trying to distract himself. :... Think of Tanami... Think of Tanami ...: he tried to bribe himself. But it doesn't seem to work. The more he thought about it, the more Tanami's love wall pieces fell to the bottomless heart of the youko and the more he thought that he was lying blindly to himself. 

He felt as if he himself had a hidden agenda inside. 

He now felt as if he was denying something all this while. Something that's going to reveal itself when the last of Tanami's love wall crumbles to pieces. 

Hiei's hand reached down to touch Kurama's toe. The redhead looked up to Hiei's eyes, startled. Hiei smiled and pretended to ignore Kurama, putting both of his hands to rest it behind his head. "So tell me, Kurama my friend... What's the history of Tanami's residence in your house?" Hiei asked casually, playing with the warm water innocently with his legs brushing over Kurama's thighs. 

"Tanami? Well... she used to live nearby. One day I nearly run her over with my car. So after she fainted, kaasan bought her in and she started telling us her history. She doesn't have family and was thinking of going anywhere to work or to do anything for food. So kaasan, being the kind-hearted woman that she is, took her in. When she was living with us, we kind of found each other and..." Kurama paused. 

"...and...?" Hiei asked, his eyes closed. 

"Hiei...?" Kurama changed the topic. "Em?" Hiei opened his eyes, looking directly into those emerald gems slightly glinting in the dim light. 

"Why did you come back?" Kurama asked. Hiei stopped looking into Kurama's eyes and shut his own tightly, leaning back against the wall of the tub. "You don't want me to come back?" Hiei asked. "No! Not like that Hiei... I just wanted to know the reason why you came back after... after such a long period," Kurama was all straight and tense again. 

"It's okay, I'm leaving soon," he said flatly. "Hiei..." Kurama started. "I know I'm not welcomed anymore," Hiei started to straighten up and tried to walk out of the tub. Then Kurama pulled his hand to stop him. "Don't say such a thing, Hiei! You know you'll always have my open arms for you here!" Kurama blurted out. "Besides... it's been a long time and we need to catch up. Don't go back, Hiei... not now... ever..." Kurama's voice disappeared down into a whisper. 

"............" was Hiei's quiet answer as he closed back his eyes. He kept on swaying the warm steaming water with his legs. 

"Please Hiei, I need to know. My mind is confused now Hiei. I have this feeling which I am uncertain of. Maybe when I know the reason why you came back, I might feel better. Please Hiei... I just want to know... did you came back because of Yuusuke, or Yukina or…" Kurama trailed off, afraid to word out his own name. 

Hiei opened his eyes. He looked at Kurama who was now at an arm's length. Hiei reached out to wrap his left hand around Kurama's neck, pulling him. This time slowly, as not to scare the gentle living porcelain doll. 

Kurama blinked his finely defined eyes as the water beads on his lashes sparkled. "You're so beautiful," Hiei whispered softly, sliding his right hand around Kurama's middle, bringing him forth. 

They were getting closer, so dangerously close that Kurama could feel Hiei's calm breath hitting waves of cool air on his chin. The fire demon slipped out his tongue as he slowly licked Kurama's pink lips. The redhead started to relax as he closed his eyes gradually. 

As astonished as the redhead himself, he couldn't believe that he pushed himself against Hiei a little causing their lips to collide with a soft smacking sound, but then he tried to back away. 

Hiei took this opportunity and heaved Kurama's neck a little, slipping his slick tongue into the redhead's slightly startled pucker of lips. 

The redhead widened his eyes as Hiei kissed him deeply. But something in his heart told him to respond to it and he did just so. He relaxed himself and played with Hiei's tongue, devouring it passionately. Kurama didn't care about the world now as long as he was receiving just that sweet and warm love given by Hiei through the kiss. 

By now, the Tanami's love wall had just finished its last piece as it fell and vanished, revealing something that was not fairly new. It was just hidden and covered. The love Kurama saved for someone he really love. Tanami didn't manage to get it because she was covering it with her own love. 

But Hiei... 

The fire demon released the love and intertwined it with his own, creating a feeling of trust, love, understanding and friendship. 

Hiei's hands became urgent as they move around Kurama's back in circles, pressing their bodies together. 

They released their embrace for air. 

"I may not be a romantic person, I may not have flowers and I may not have a darling speech to present to you... but Kurama, I know one thing's for certain and one thing I can be..." Hiei paused, looking at Kurama's warm flushing face. 

"I love you... I have always loved you since the moment I met you and I want to be your lover forever," Hiei uttered, looking deep into Kurama's eyes. The redhead smiled. Hiei was so sweet, so romantic yet so humble in his words. Finally, Kurama could see it now. His heart had always been with Hiei. Before the day Hiei decided to leave, he had never imagined a day without his Hiei... until the day finally came when he couldn't even think right. 

"Why didn't you tell me 10 years ago?" Kurama asked, searching in the depths of Hiei's bloody red orbs. "I tried to, but you didn't understand it," Hiei smiled. 

Kurama thought for a while. "Was it when you asked me if I will wait for you?" Kurama asked. Hiei nodded once. "Is it too late to answer now?" Kurama asked. Hiei shook his head. 

Kurama leaned forward and pulled Hiei into a warm embrace. "Of course I will Hiei. Because I love you..." Kurama's eyes produced tears. "Why are you crying?" Hiei asked as he felt warm trickles of tears fell on his cheek. "I now finally realize that I've been in love with my best friend since forever... and thank you for opening my eyes, itoshii," Kurama smiled. 


Kurama set the futon and looked at Hiei. "Are you coming in?" he asked the koorime. Hiei smiled and crawled in next to Kurama. "You've grown a lot. I can't spoon you like we used to last time," Kurama chuckled. Hiei smiled as he wrapped his arms around Kurama's middle. 

"My darling kitsune," Hiei sighed, resting his head on Kurama's chest listening to his steady heartbeat. "Hai, itoshii?" Kurama asked. "Ai shiteru," Hiei whispered. "Boku mou, ai shiteru Hiei-koi..." Kurama smiled as he also fell into a nice warm sleep. 


Kurama looked at Hiei as the fire demon jumped into the Hot Springs. The steam was making Kurama afloat with satisfaction. The redhead was lying on his stomach revealing his sexy bottom to the world. Hiei looked at his lover and smiled, swimming closer. 

Hiei looked around and blinked as there was no one in sight. Maybe it was too cold but the Hot Springs felt comfortably hot and warm to him. 

"This is life," Kurama sighed contentedly. Hiei grinned mischievously and reached out a wet hand to caress Kurama's silky smooth ass. Kurama frowned as he felt himself stiffened to Hiei's warm touch. Kurama turned to face Hiei as he eyed the steady koorime satisfying himself by running his hands slowly across Kurama's butt, testing its velvety texture. 

"Get up," Hiei suddenly slapped Kurama's butt cheeks, smiling as he saw them wobble firmly against his touch. Kurama blinked and smiled slyly. "Why, itoshii?" Kurama asked, but sat up nonetheless, facing Hiei who was in the Hot Springs. 

Hiei smiled as he swam in between Kurama's dangling legs. He ran his hands up Kurama's thighs enveloping Kurama's middle. Hiei rested his cheek on Kurama's flat abdomen. "I've always wanted to do this to you," Hiei closed his eyes. 

Kurama smiled as he looked at Hiei. Now he looked exactly like last time when he was still short. 

Suddenly Kurama felt something warm and wet running on his tummy. He looked at Hiei as the koorime was licking his abdomen, the koorime flicked his tongue into Kurama's navel and the youko gasped in surprise as the koorime jested with his desire and self-control. 

Hiei leisurely spent his time licking Kurama's abdomen as it got lower and lower every moment occupied with his wet hand squeezing Kurama's ass softly, massaging it; promoting an aphrodisiac behavior to tick off Kurama's nerves system. 

The redhead started to breathe raggedly as Hiei paused his licking on Kurama's now erected shaft of love. Hiei breathed in and out as calmly and as deeply as he could, exciting Kurama more as Hiei's warm breaths swept calmly against his cold penis in a steady rhythm creating a stimulus lovemaking fantasy. 

Kurama started to bite his lips, constraining himself from moaning aloud. He looked down. Just the image of Hiei facing his now full-grown length made his breathing irregular. 

Hiei eyed the big luscious succulent sex organ in front of him and smiled. He knew Kurama was watching, enjoying, devouring... and might just spill there and then if he didn't do something more erratic to waste more time, prolonging the play. Hiei smiled when he saw some precum coming out from the tip of Kurama's penis, gleaming against the slight light of daybreak. 

The koorime took that as his signal to continue. 

The fire demon took his wet hands and encircled it around Kurama's full prick. Pumping it up and down in a slow movement, letting the latter envelope the feeling of Hiei's calm warmth against the cool air around them. 

Kurama couldn't open his eyes; it was too torturing. He needed release but he was afraid to just ask the koorime for it. He was 28 years old and he had never had sex before. Frail and inexperienced. He could almost hear him mock himself if Hiei didn't suddenly surround Kurama's over sensitive love tool with his warm mouth. 

Kurama arched his head in reflex and had accidentally escaped an animalistic moan that sounded like music to Hiei's ears, which indirectly telling Hiei to do more. 

The koorime sucked Kurama's large erection concentrating on the image of Kurama's penis with beautiful bulging veins pushed up to the surface under the thin smooth skin beneath that pressure of expanding muscle tissues. 

Hiei sucked hungrily as Kurama unconsciously bucked his hips to fuck Hiei's small and tight mouth out of hungry passion impulses, letting the koorime pump his shaft with such stimulation that the redhead produced tears. 

Just as the pearl of tear rolled down to fall on the ground, Kurama felt his testicles contract, supplying his ducts with semen and sperm as it travel out in high speed to shoot into Hiei's waiting mouth. 

Hiei devoured the milky love fluid eagerly. Satisfying himself with the warm liquid down his throat, enlightening his taste buds with the slight salty taste and arousing his senses with that musky smell. 

Hiei felt sated the now limp organ in his mouth slipped out his wet mouth in a slippery motion. 

Kurama sensed his whole body exhaust as he slid slowly into the Hot Springs with his lover, enveloping his arms into an embrace around his darling koorime. 

Kurama leaned forth and searched for Hiei's lips with his eyes closed, tasting it when found. Hiei opened his mouth to let Kurama's slick tongue in, kissing it passionately. 

"Fuwaaahhhh..." Kuwabara yawned as he was waiting for Yuusuke. "Hey, faster...! Kurama and Hiei are waiting for us at the Hot Springs!" Kuwabara knocked on Yuusuke's door. 

Finally, the young man came out of his room. "Okay, let's go," Yuusuke grinned. 

Yuusuke stopped suddenly as Kuwabara ran into his back. "Hey! Why didja..." he was shushed by Yuusuke who pointed at a kissing couple. "They're kissing!" Kuwabara exclaimed in a whisper. "Let's play with Kurama," Yuusuke motioned Kuwabara to follow him. 

Yuusuke nodded and crept towards them. "Ohayo ne, kimi-tachi..." Yuusuke said in a stern voice. 

Kurama and Hiei released their kiss and gaped for air at the same time looking at Yuusuke and Kuwabara. 

Both were stunned. Kurama looked so feminine with his flushed face, lustful eyes and a very uncertain expression on his face. Yuusuke blinked his eyes to take himself out of Kurama's trance and smirked. 

"And I thought you love Tanami..." Yuusuke grinned with Kuwabara backing him, nodding at every single word that Yuusuke uttered. Kurama looked at water and blinked. 

Did he really like her? Then he looked at Hiei. Did he really love Hiei? 

He blinked once more and looked at Yuusuke. He now got a clear answer, a realization of the past. But he didn't know how to tell Yuusuke and Kuwabara. Will they accuse him of infidelity? But he doesn't love the girl. He had never loved Tanami. He was only lying to himself. 

"I love Hiei. No matter what you say, my heart won't change for him," Kurama finally uttered bravely. 

Yuusuke started chuckling. "Gods Kurama you look serious!" Yuusuke chortled. 

The redhead frowned in puzzlement. "Yuusuke?" he asked. Hiei was smiling and Kuwabara was also cracking up behind the young man. 

"We're just joking with you, Kurama!" Yuusuke laughed. The redhead blinked again in puzzlement. Hiei came forward and enclosed his arms around Kurama's middle, sucking the nape of his neck, ignoring both of the laughing idiots. 

"It was our plan to bring you two here and match you two up!" Kuwabara grinned. "But didn't knew you guys got together so fast! Hiei, what did you do to him?" Yuusuke asked. Hiei shrugged and released Kurama, walking out of the Hot Springs. 

Kurama eyed the naked beauty as it walked over to take a towel. Then he turned to look at Yuusuke and Kuwabara. "You two..." he narrowed his eyes with a sly smile. 

Suddenly Yuusuke and Kuwabara's legs were wrapped with vines. "Hey Kurama! I thought you only use your power on flowers now!?" Kuwabara shrieked as the vine covered their mouth. 

"I can still use them as good as an S-Class youko," he smirked and reached out to take the towel Hiei handed to him. 

Kurama got out from the Hot Springs and clad himself with the towel. He then pushed the both of them into the Hot Springs. 

Hiei smirked as he saw both of the entangled humans trying desperately to figure out how to entangle themselves from the vines. "Go lie back on your stomach," Hiei told Kurama. The redhead did as told and laid on the edge of the Hot Springs with his ass to the world. The naked koorime straddled Kurama's slim waist as he leaned forward to put both hands on Kurama's shoulders. 

"Nani yatten da?" Kurama asked, giggling softly as Hiei started to massage him. "What do you think I'm doing?" He smirked, loosening the loose knots of muscles in Kurama's body; ignoring the shrieks and laughter of the other two still trying to figure out the vines. 

Kurama closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm feeling of Hiei's expert hands and the semi hardened prick that was pressed on his back. Reminding him of the sexual experience he just had. 

Now he was glad he had never agreed to Tanami's offer of sexual intercourse. He felt good now that he had finally gave himself to the one person he truly love. 

"Hey, not fair Hiei! You're going to massage me after this!" Yuusuke, finally getting out of the entangling vines now helping Kuwabara. "It depends on your pay," Hiei smiled, hands still firmly massaging the redhead. "Hiei! Kurama gets it free!" Yuusuke teased the koorime. "Kurama paid," Hiei said in a layered tone, making Kurama reached behind him and slapped Hiei's cute butt. 

Later, the weather became a ferocious blizzard, chilling even the thickest bones. The gang had to stay in their rooms, waiting for the food to be served to them. 

Kurama covered himself with a blanket and smiled at Hiei who was sitting on the futon, watching television in his pants. "Don't you feel cold, Hiei?" Kurama commented. Hiei leered his gaze sideways and smirked when he saw Kurama under the blanket. 

"Nope," was the short mocking answer from the koorime. "That's not fair," Kurama snorted. The koorime chuckled. "Why? Want me to warm you, baby?" Hiei offered sensuously, winking his eyes; flirting with the redhead. Kurama giggled. He still hadn't gotten use to Hiei flirting. It was so cute and funny. 

"If that's no trouble, itoshii," Kurama said playfully opening his blanket. Hiei crawled in and wrapped his arms around Kurama's middle, resting his head on the crook of Kurama's neck with eyes still focused on the television. 

Kurama closed his eyes, savoring the sense of warmth given by Hiei. "You're warm," Kurama said unconsciously contented. "You are too," Hiei smiled as he felt Kurama's breathing evened and his heartbeat steady signaling the kitsune's departure to dreamland. 


Kurama blinked. They were having dinner and Kurama's thoughts suddenly drifted to Tanami when he saw women around. "What's wrong?" Asked Yuusuke when Hiei poked the redhead on the thighs. Kurama shook his head. "I am thinking how to tell Tanami..." he trailed off. 

"About what?" Kuwabara asked, munching on a prawn. Yuusuke nudged Kuwabara on the guts. "Temee!!" Kuwabara started but Yuusuke silenced him with a finger up his nose. 

"How will she react?" Kurama started to get worried. "I hope your mum doesn't mind?" Yuusuke frowned. "Big problem there," Kuwabara commented. Kurama shook his head. "Kaasan would be fine. Shuuichi has a steady girlfriend now. So it's okay," Kurama grinned, looking at Hiei. 

Hiei rolled his eyes and smiled as he swallowed a whole scallop. 

"Just tell her. Tanami… I think our time is over. Bye," Kuwabara grinned. "That's so untactful," Yuusuke rolled his eyes. Kurama smiled. "Can we try something softer?" Kurama smiled, as a sweatdrop rolled off his forehead. 

Everyone shrugged. 

"I might not have a tactful idea, Kurama. But I can stand next to you cheering," Hiei told the kitsune. Kurama nodded. Although it sounded very funny, Hiei really had a point there. Kurama couldn't do it alone. He needed support, even more from the one person he loves. "Thank you, Hiei," Kurama leaned forward to kiss the koorime's cheek. 

"Wow…" Kuwabara and Yuusuke looked at each other and teased the new couple. Hiei poked Kurama's thighs again. "Not in front of these idiots," Hiei grinned sarcastically at Yuusuke and Kuwabara. 

"Oh, so now we're the idiots?" Yuusuke said, flatly. "Ne, Urameshi who were the ones who couldn't even set up their own date?" Kuwabara asked sarcastically. Yuusuke looked around and blinked. "I don't know… but I might guess that it is the…" Yuusuke was awarded a kick under the table before he could finish his sentence. 

"Okay, okay… Yuusuke and Kuwabara are very intelligent beings," Hiei said rolling his eyes to the left, then to the right. Kurama smiled. Hiei had really changed a lot. It made him nicer, gifted with more sense of humor. 



Kurama blinked and looked for his hand-phone. "Moshi-moshi," he answered it as soon as he got it out from his pocket. "… ah, hai kaasan… you guys are back already? … hai, we're here already… hai, at the train station… sou, sou… be back in 10 minutes… nani? Oh, buy food for Tanami as well? Yoshi… anata to tousan wa? Sou… yoshi… ja!" 

Yuusuke looked at Kurama's new hand-phone. "Never told us you had a new one," he smirked. "Oh, just got it last week," Kurama smiled and reached out to wrap his arms around Hiei's middle. 

"Is Kuwabara ready?" asked the black hair boy. Yuusuke smiled and pointed at a direction where a big man was running up to them. "Does that answer your question?" Yuusuke grinned. Hiei laughed. "Just look at him, as idiotic as I used to know him last 10 years. Some people never change," Hiei mocked the orange hair man. 

"Hiei," Kurama reached lower to pinch the boy's ass. "Kurama!" Hiei tried to reach around to swat away Kurama hand when Kurama's arm returned to wrap around his middle. 

"Done?" Kuwabara asked. "We're waiting for you, if it hadn't occurred to your brain yet," Hiei chortled. "Honto ka? Hehe… gomen ne… I'm ready!" He put his bag on his shoulder. 

"I have to stop by some restaurant to get food for Tanami and ourselves," Kurama told them as they walked down the escalator. 


"Tadaima," hollered a voice breaking the silence in the Hatanaka's residence. "Shuuichi! Okaeri yo! Did you have a good time?" Shiori smiled as she walked to the door to greet her son. Tanami came by and smiled. "Looks like you bought food!" she grinned. Kurama nodded. "Tabemono ni subete o," he replied, kissing his mother. "Ah… Hiei-kun desu ka? Ohisashiburi desu ne!" Shiori leaned forward to hug the now taller boy. "Hisashiburi, Shiori-san," he smiled. Shiori nodded. "You've grown a lot! I almost didn't recognize you there," she held Hiei's hands, guiding him to the couch. 

"You guys have a talk first. I go get dinner ready," Kurama smiled, entering the kitchen. 

"What have you been doing this 10 years?" Shiori asked. Hiei blinked. "Well, I've been working a lot… and also earning a lot of… cash…" Hiei smiled. Shiori smiled as she saw the boy blush. 

"Earning as much as Shuuichi?" she asked. Hiei nodded. "As much as Shuuichi," Hiei didn't want to tell her that he could have all the money in the world if he wanted to. 

Tanami sighed. She was feeling a bit jealous of the attention Hiei got from her 'future-mother-in-law'. "Are you here because of vacation?" Shiori asked. Hiei paused. "You can s6y that," he smiÀed. "Why haven't you come to visit for more thàn 10 years? I bt you missed Shuuichi a lot." Shiori asked. 

"Kaasan, why do you ask such question?" Kurama cut as he came out of the kitchen with food. Shiori grinned. "But I'm happy to see Hiei-kun," she turned back to Hiei, still waiting for an answer. 

Hiei blinked. He tried to think of an excuse. "My work doesn't permit me to come," he answered. "So, you miss Shuuichi?" Shiori asked. Kurama bit his lower lips. 

Hiei looked up to Kurama and smiled warmly. "He had turned into a really fine young man, Shiori-san," Hiei answered indirectly. "Oh, Hiei-kun… you're always as mysterious as always. I bet you all must be hungry," she handed Hiei a pair of chopsticks and nodded to Kurama and Tanami. 


"Beautiful Kurama… my beautiful Kurama…" Hiei mouthed softly, singing to the breeze; pressing his cheeks softly against the crook of Kurama's neck. "Kaasan seems to miss you a lot," Kurama commented, running his hands through Hiei's long hair, combing small tangles loose. 

"Yeah, more than you do," Hiei smiled, of course unseen by Kurama. "Hiei," Kurama pouted. Hiei straightened up and looked into Kurama's large beautiful eyes. 

He raised a finger putting it on Kurama's soft lips, followed soon by his lips silencing the kitsune off any complaints. 


Kurama broke the kiss and slowly loosened the embrace. He left Hiei on the balcony and walked over to the door. The redhead opened the door slowly. "Tanami-chan?" he asked as the girl came in. "What are you doing here?" Kurama asked. 

Her eyes darted straight at Hiei who had his back against her. He didn't bother to turn even. "I'm here to sleep with you," she said firmly, under-toned. "Demo Tanami-chan…" Kurama started. She turned to look at Kurama. "Are you saying that I can't sleep with you and he can!?" she pointed at Hiei. 

Kurama blinked. He promised Hiei and himself that he would tell her. But is the time now? 

Kurama nodded. He came to the conclusion that he had enough courage to do so already and if it doesn't work, Hiei was still there to support him. The koorime turned around when he felt Kurama's youki calling him. 

"But, Kurama!" Tanami frowned. Hiei walked towards Kurama and Tanami. The boy stopped right next to Kurama, wrapping his arms around Kurama's middle. "But what?" Hiei opened his large red eyes. "You took Kurama way from me!" Tanami exclaimed. 

"Correction. I never took Kurama. I only took back my rights to have his love and him, vice versa," Hiei smiled. "But we're getting married!" Tanami gritted her teeth. "Tanami-chan… we never discussed about this. I know you might have misunderstood my kindness to you to be love. But I treat everyone the same as I treat you. But if you look at Hiei and look at the way I treat him, you will understand. I'm sorry if it's hard to understand, but I myself took 15 stupid years to realize it myself. And I'm glad that I am not late yet," Kurama explained to the girl. There, you did it, Kurama. 

Tanami's eyes were red. Kurama was careful. If he even slept with her once, she could turn that against him. But he had always been careful. Never touched her even. She had lost to another boy. 

"Shuuichi? Daijobu?" a frantic knock was heard outside. "Daijobu kaasan," he answered. The doorknob turned and Shiori came in. "Tanami-chan? Hiei-kun? Nani o shitenano?" she blinked. 

Tanami hugged Shiori. "Basan!" she cried. Shiori patted her back. "What's wrong?" she asked. "He doesn't want me!" she cried. Shiori sighed. But she understood. Hiei's disappearance for quite a substantial amount of time might have triggered a feeling inside Kurama's heart. And now that Hiei had returned, they might have changed their love between each other. 

"It's okay, Tanami-chan… you have to understand that some things are out of our hands," she told the girl. Tanami looked at Shiori. "Basan! Are you saying that you approve of their relationship?" she asked, trembling. Shiori nodded. "It's all in the hands of the gods. And if Shuuichi and Hiei-kun really love each other, I have to respect their choice," she uttered. 

"Arigatou, kaasan," Kurama nodded. Tanami released Shiori and ran to her room. All three looked at her. "I knew this will happen someday. You were different, Shuuichi. And Hiei-kun, thank you for showing Shuuichi true love," she smiled and went out of the room, shutting the door behind her. 

Kurama looked at Hiei. "She knows already," he told the koorime. Hiei nodded. "And you were next to me; Just as you promised," the kitsune resumed. Hiei nodded. "And I will always be… forever…" Hiei uttered, claiming Kurama in his arms. 

"Forever…" Kurama surrendered himself in Hiei's warm embrace. 





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