The blue-haired girl in the pink kimono walked onto the stage gracefully, followed by a brown haired girl in a school uniform. They each carried music sheet stands, black and shiny, and laid them on the small stage.

They had been working on those stands, and the other stuff behind the stage, which they went to retrieve, for hours. And one of them had also been plotting...

As they finished the last of the instruments, a huge bass, the blue-haired girl turned to the other, and wiped her damp forhead with her kimono. "There. All done."

"Botan..." The brown-haired girl said. "Are you sure this is really going to work? You know the guys would never go for a concert."

Botan snickered into her kimono, then flashed evily scheming eyes at the brown-haired girl, Keiko. "Of course it will. They don't know we're having one."

Keiko's eyes widened a little, then squinted. "Then...what do they think?"

Botan's smile was anything but pleasant as she walked off the stage. "You'll find out soon enough. Now, let's go get ready."

Keiko had worried eyes, but, having nothing better to do, followed Botan. She didn't know she could plot so much, though...

*** *** ***

Botan walked out onto the stage again, and sat down on a chair. Her blue hair now was out of its high pony, and cascaded over her shoulders in waves, two golden hair clips holding it partially back.

Her dress was the same color as her kimono, and went to her knees. It looked pretty much like a little-girl's dress, and the shoes, white buckled ones, didn't help the appearance, but it looke nice.

Keiko was out a moment later, in a blue colored dress, very similar to her uniform, that went down to the floor, and hugged her at the hips. She looked at Botan when she came out, and Botan looked over, and jumped up.

"Oh! It looks great on you, Keiko."

"Um..Thanks." Keiko said. "Why's it so form fitting though?"

"It wasn't supposed to be." Botan said. "I guessed your measurements."

Keiko was about to say something about what that would imply, but she was interupted by a boy's voice shouting out a greeting, and turned.

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei all were walking towards Botan and Keiko, dressed in nice suits.

Yusuke looked around. "Strange place to meet for dinner." He said, glancing around, then looked at Botan and Keiko. Keiko was, by now, looking at Botan, eyes drilling deep into her. "Where's Koenma? Shouldn't he be here, too? Or, did he cancel?"

"Koenma, too?" Keiko said.

Botan ignored her. "Oh, he should be here soon."

"Botan!" A voice said, as a form appeared.

Botan smiled. "See?"

Everyone turned to Koenma. He was in his teenage form, and also wearing a nice suit. He didn't seem all too pleased.

"Couldn't you have gotten the suit made for my younger form?" Koenma didn't even greet the others, but instead stared directly at Botan.

Botan smiled back, while Yusuke turned to Kuwabara. "A talking baby in a suit? That would have been fun."

"Yusuke..." Koenma never broke eye contact with Botan, but Yusuke shushed.

Botan smiled more while moving away, much to Koenma's annoyance, and to one of the chairs on the stage. "You see, Koenma-sama, if I had done that, this all would have looked really odd." She turned and walked over to him, then held her hands out.

In her hands were a violin.

Koenma's eyes bugged out.

"What's with the violin?" Yusuke asked.

"Hn." Hiei said and looked at the stage. "Is this a trick?"

Botan smiled brillaintly at the four. "Now why would I trick you?"

Everyone sweatdropped, and then Keiko cleared her throat to say something.

Before that could happen, however, a voice rang out from the other side of the curtains. "Tonight, we have special entertainment from the Yusuke Team Orchestra. They will..."

The voice seemed to die, while everyone stared angrily at Botan, all but Keiko, who walked to sit down and grab up her clarinet, hoping to avoid being in the middle of the upcoming onslaught.

"Yusuke Team Orchestra?!!" Yusuke shouted, the first to recover from shock."Botan, what the hell does that mean? I'm not going to play in front of a bunch of upper class morons!"

Botan just smiled, and shoved Yusuke into a seat beside Keiko. She handed him a horn. "Now, behave, Urameshi-san, and just play."

He grumbled, but knew fighting with her was useless.

Botan whisked away and grabbed Kuwabara's arm. She sat him down at one of the chairs and handed him some cymbals, which he looked at oddly before she scurried away and grabbed Hiei.

She sat him at the piano she had brought in (having no idea what an orchestra should own, really, just what she wanted them to play) and realized that he was way too small to play it.

She frowned, and pulled him away, turning to Kurama. "Okay, Kurama, you play the piano."

Kurama shrugged, going along with things, and walked over, sitting down at the piano. He looked it over before a small smirk crossed his face, and he readied himself.

Koenma's look threatened doom. "No WAY am I gonna play."

Botan gave him a look, and Koenma sighed. "Fine, fine." He walked over, and took his place with the violin.

Botan sat Hiei down and handed him a bass. She scurried away as their introduction was finishing, grabbing her flute, and not noticing Hiei was having an extremely hard time holding the instrument up.

The curtains rose. The small orchestra looked ready to die, all but Botan, who was a little too cheerful.

*** *** ***

The audience clapped, until they noticed the motley crew on stage. Then, they looked baffled.

First, you had a teenager chewing a pacifier, holding a violin, a very uncomfortably black-haired boy with a horn, a sorta dumb faced red head with cymbals, a blue haired girl with a flute, a brown haired girl with a clarinet, and a red-head at the piano.

Well, the girls and the one at the piano looked alright...But the others were a little odd. And, to their wonder, the bass seemed to be holding itself up and wobbling all over the place.

Finally, the blue-haired girl started to play.

*** *** ***

It was a nice, slow tune that was followed by the addition of the clarinet and a light piano. It was a little odd, but nice. The audience relaxed a little as a violin set in, but was as quickly jolted up as the cymbals clashed together.

They laughed as the set on the stage all looked to the red-head, who had an apologetic look. Even the bass turned slightly, and people could almost see a form behind it.

As it continued, the tune got louder, and nicer. But, just as soon, another mistake that caused them to roll in laughter occured.

*** *** ***

Kurama was a little too happy to be on stage, and he broke tune, slamming on the piano as if he were Ray Charles or something.

The music stopped at this point, as everyone sweatdropped, then picked up tune, trying to keep up with Kurama. It didn't work too well, and made a horrible noise, but the audience was enjoying it at least. That's all that really mattered, right?

Of course, they WEREN'T supposed to be laughing at you.

Yusuke stood finally, aggrivated by this laughter, and left, Keiko following after.

The audience still laughed.

The shows closing came as Hiei let out a yell and the bass toppled on top of him. -SPLAT!-

Silence...then laughter.

The curtains fell and everyone rushed to Hiei, Botan arriving first.

"Hiei?!" She yelled.

"Hn." Came from below the bass, and as they lifted it, they found a well flattened Hiei underneath.

He looked at Botan, and she blinked. He stood, slowly, then drew his katana.

"Uh..." Botan said, wide-eyed, then dashed away to run behind Koenma. "Koenma-sama!! Save me!"

Koenma sighed, and looked at Hiei, whose eyes were angered as they could be. "Hiei, don't even."

"Out of my way!" Hiei said, stepping foward. A sound behind him made Hiei turn.

Kuwabara stood there with a mocking look. "Serves you right, shrimp."

Hiei's sword was at Kuwabara's throat before you could say Abrakadabra, and Kuwabara got a look of suprise to him, and fear.

Botan sighed, and Koenma looked back a little...

*** *** ***

It was later and they all stood on the empty stage, even Yusuke and Keiko who hadn't really left, just ducked behind stage.

"I'm sorry." Botan's normal smile was gone, and she scuffed her shoe on the floor of the stage, now in her normal kimono. "I just wanted us to do something fun together."

"Playing in a band by trickery isn't my idea of fun." Yusuke said, glaring at Botan.

"I know." She said.

"And it ended a mess, besides." Yusuke said, and kept up rambling about it. Each line caused Botan to deflate little by little, until she had ears on the top of her head, laid back.

Keiko finally grabbed Yusuke's arm, and quieted him. "She tried, Yusuke... That's what matters."

Yusuke snarled a little, then sighed. "Yeah..." He said, and turned. He looked at Botan, and smiled faintly. "Next time, tell us, alright?"

He walked off before he received answer, Keiko soon after, only shooting a small glance at Botan before leaving.

Kuwabara and the others left, all but Kurama and Koenma, a moment later, with nothing to say. Kurama smiled. "I kind of enjoyed it, actually, Botan. I love to do new things."

She smiled at him. "Thanks..." She said.

He frowned, sighing, and left. Botan's smile wasn't much of one.

Botan looked back to Koenma, who was sitting on a seat silently sucking away at his pacifier.

"Aren't you leaving too, Koenma-sama?" Botan said. "I screwed up your night, too."

He looked over silently, then stood, and walked off the stage.

Botan sat down on the floor and frowned. "I only wanted to do something fun..." she said, and ran a finger on the floor.

She sat with her knees to her chin for a long time, silently, thinking, then started to cry into her knees. "I didn't mean for it to be a disaster!"

A low flute brought her head up, and she turned to the other side of the stage. Koenma stood against the curtain playing it, silently, and staring at her.

She stood, silently, and walked to him, looking up at him. He took his lips away from the flute, and smiled at her a bit. "We know you didn't want it to be. We're not mad."

Botan lowered her head. "You're not, maybe, but the others..." She sighed, then turned to instruments sounding off.

Hiei was sitting there, staring at her with little emotion, clarinet (a much better sized instrument for him) to his mouth. Keiko had the cymbals, Yusuke the bass, Kurama again at the piano, and Kuwabara messing with the violin, and playing mighty well I might add.

Botan was shocked, then smiled and let them play out their melody.

When they stopped, Yusuke turned with a dumb grin on his face. "I'm sorry I was so hard on you, Botan. Next time, warn us, alright?"

Botan nodded, and Yusuke smiled, taking up the bass and walking out playing it as best he could while walking.

Keiko smiled. "It was a good concert..With practice maybe we could make it a stage show."

She left as Botan laughed, and was carrying the cymbals, following after Yusuke.

Hiei only looked at her, shrugged, and followed. Kuwabara smiled and did the same.

Kurama delayed a time, then looked over. "I like the piano, thanks for letting me play." He smiled.

Botan smiled and nodded.

Kurama stood, and turned when Koenma yelled for him. He threw the flute to Kurama, who took it and went after the others, who, by this time, were acting quite silly and giving the people on the street one heck of a marching band.

Inside it was silent though.

"Better?" Koenma said after a time, looking at Botan.

She smiled and nodded. "Next time...I'll ask before we all do something."

Koenma didn't say anything.

"Okay...I'll ask after I've plotted, and stop it there." She said.

He smiled. "Good idea."

"Did you..." She said, and stopped.

Koenma looked at her, forcing her to finish her sentence with his unresponse.

"Did you get them to come back?" She said.

Koenma nodded. "Sort of. I told them you seemed depressed. Yusuke had a concious attack and dragged everyone back. I was going to come back either way myself."

"Thanks Koenma-sama." Botan said, then pulled her oar from who knows where.

"Let's get back. We've got work to do." She smiled over to him, but Koenma was already moving away.

He sat down at the piano and played it a bit.

Botan smiled and sat down on one of the seats on stage for a personal performance.




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