Chocolate Affair


A Valentine's Day's Chocolate Affair [Part 1]
Author: Shadow. Original fic in Chinese
Translator: Not telling you.
Editor: is the translator.
Editing is only for cohesiveness and to bring out certain meanings, nothing else... okay? Apologies to Shadow-san if it has offended him/her in anyway... 


On the night of valentine's day, Kurama sits alone in front of his study desk, staring at three, half heart-shaped and terribly wrapped chocolates, remembering the events of the day... 

This year, like any other year before, the chocolates had come pouring in early in the morning, and poor little guy took so much effort to finally break free from all the female gift-givers, ready to go on the long awaited journey home when Kuwabara's suspicious looking shadow was caught loitering around the main gate of the school, seemingly waiting for someone. 

"Hey! Kuwabara-kun! Waiting for someone?" 

"Ah! Kurama! Just on time, since I was waiting for you." 

"For me?" 

"Yeh." And with a nervous flurry of movement he whipped out a box of something wrapped in half heart-shape, eyes bright and polished while he lowered his head to continue, "This... this chocolate... is for you." 

"What! For me!?" Although he receives enough to start a chocolate factory every year, yet to receive something from a male, that's quite a first time for Kurama, staring on dazedly. 

"That's right, and just take it!" Kuwabara insisted, stuffing the chocolates into Kurama's hands whether he liked it or not, before mumbling a quick, "please do eat it..." and lifting up his bag to speed off. 

While a totally baffled Kurama stood alone, holding a box of what contained a chocolate, numbly staring at the scene... 

And to think he actually thought it all ended there. Never did he expect that when he reached home, Hiei was already in his room waiting for him... 

"Hiei!? Why are you here? Something the matter?" It was quite extraordinary to see Hiei leave the Makai to come look for Kurama, so he's got to have something big on mind but need Kurama's help. However, Hiei uttered no word of request, merely fishing out an object from his pockets, the flinging to towards Kurama. "CATCH!" 

In a split second, Kurama caught the flying object, and lowering his gaze to see what was in his hands... very nice, it was just a something wrapped messily in paper, in the shape of a half heart... 

"This... is... (why does it look so familiar)" 

"Chocolate! For you." 

"Cho... chocolate! This chocolate is..." But before he could clarify matters, Hiei's face flashed a sudden pigment of red, turning his body around to leave a last line, "Just eat it!" before flitting off into the skies. 

Therefore, two chocolates appeared in Kurama's hands for no apparent reason at all... 

After dinner, and after cracking his head for what seemed like eternity, he finally admitted defeat and sought to seek discussion with Yuusuke. Who would have known, once he reached Yuusuke's ramen shop, the boy immediately served him tea, paid special heed to him, and if he'd just add the massage and foot reflexology... usually when he went to his shop to enjoy some free noodles he'd get one big scolding, yet this time he not only DID NOT get the scolding, he even got more free veggies and stuff, making Kurama's heart numb with service. Sooner he'd thought, he'd leave the discussion to some night else and leave first... Yet just as he was about to, Yuusuke called out to him from his stand. 

"Erm... Kurama." He called out in a hesitant tone not befitting the usually fast and choppy Yuusuke. 

"Yes? Yuusuke-kun?" Why did he always have this bad feeling about all these? 

Yuusuke took out something from behind him, handing it over to Kurama. "For you to eat." 

And with a lowered glance, WAH! Another half heart-shaped chocolate... 

"This... this... what's this all about..." Kurama lost track of all clear senses of logic. 

"Whatever it is, just eat it, okay?" Yuusuke left his words and went back to tending his business. 

So now it's three half heart-shaped choclates lying on his study desk with no apparent reason... 

After an eyesore staring competition between Kurama and three half heart-shaped chocolates for one whole hour, Kurama decided that there wasn't any other way then to treat these as 'friendship' chocolates. But this was really too rare, to have three of them showering gifts together, even adding Hiei to the tab, a real oddity... 

And in these pensive mind dwellings, he opened the wrappers and started on the first chocolate...

A Valentine's Day's Chocolate Affair [Part 2]
Author: Shadow. Original fic in Chinese
Translator: Not telling you.
Editor: is the translator.
Editing is only for cohesiveness and to bring out certain meanings, nothing else... okay? Apologies to Shadow-san if it has offended him/her in anyway... and apologies if I'm repeating myself... 


The morning of the second day, Kurama was jolted into awareness by the sudden ringing of the doorbell by intruders of the early morning dreams. He didn't know what happened last night, but as far as he was concerned, it was severe stomachaches, a bed full of sweat and an entire night of toilet visitings. Struggling to survive he finally fell asleep at dawn break, and whatsmore... Ha! HA! HAACCHOO, it seems he's gotten a cold, a throbbing headache... and a desperate need for plenty of rest. Funny, I've always been healthy, quite rare that I should have moments like these, really odd... 

Turning a few rounds in his bed preparing to rest for a while more, he heard his mother shout from downstairs... "Shuuichi, come down quick, your friends are here to visit!" Ooooh ~ Life... 

Struggling not to faint from his sickened and lack of sleeped body, he walked to the front door and was greeted by Kuwabara, Yuusuke and Hiei, all three awaiting him at the door... 

"'Morning, three of you, anything for me to do?" He forcefully eked out a weak smile, only to find them pushing and jostling each other and finally electing Yuusuke out... 

"Erm... so the chocolates yesterday, you ate 'em?" 

"I did eat them." 

"How was it?" Hiei's nervous voice inquired. 

"Erm... not... not bad, quite... nice..." A very plastic, unnatural smile took over. 

"Really? Honest?" All three chimed together. 

"Must I speak the truth?" 

"YES! And you must speak the detailed truth!" The three of them concurrently yelped out. 

"Detailed! Okay... then... well... to tell you the truth..." 

"Right... the truth, the three chocolates..." 

"Were downright lousy." 


"Yuusuke-kun, I assumed you made your own chocolate (a smile of I- don't-mind), since the usual chocolate from the store are added with condensed milk only after they're melted. Well... the powdered milk hasn't completely melted, so they formed some crusts and lumps inside the chocolate..." 

"Kuwabara-kun's one was a little more tolerable. However, it tasted like ice cream, so very cold, and it was absolutely frozen, had to chew on that stuff for like one hour... Ha! HA! HAACHOOO! Sorry, I think I've caught a cold..." 

"Erm... as for Hiei's... well... it was very... special." 

"How special?" Hiei nervously asked. 

"It... 's... salty (enter bitter laughter), and it comes clamped with a few weird stuff, sour, bitter, salty, sweet, alot of which I can't figure out, so Hiei, what exactly did you put..." Before he could finish his lines, he realized how exactly devastated Hiei looked standing in front of him. 

"OH WELL! But I finished them all anyway, really, I'm not lying, it's the thoughts that counts, right? The taste doesn't really matter so much..." He tried to shift the topic around, yet as he spoke, he spotted Yuusuke and company gathered around each other whispering something out of
reach, as if he was some translucent wall of waterfall... 

"I told you we needed someone to try it out, see, I was right!" 

"Ai, that girl Keiko, they do the ramen business and their stuff are not exactly too bad, but when I heard one of her friends talking about her taking up western cruisine I knew it spelt instant trouble... never thought... Really, luckily I had a little test first, some chocolates sent from out of the blue... whatsmore her own-made ones! Wouldn't buying some like what she did last year be just as well?" 

"You're right... I was really overjoyed when Yukina-san offered to give me some chocolates. But when I tried out one of her sudden interests of what ice-choclates last summer, I suffered from a nasty cold for a total of one week! One bite brings the absolute shivers, and I still can't forget that feel till now. So when I received these chocolates this year, I don't know whether I should rejoice or not... well, from the looks of it, I'd better freeze it and wait till some terribly hot day before I try it. Geez it's February, I don't wish to die... 'Jian Kang Di Yi!' (the words always
on the back of his fighting jacket) Health always comes first!" 

"You still dare to say! What about me? I don't know who in the world told Mukuro about all these valentine thingies, and when I got these chocolates my face just went green, and still I had to play dumb act happy blah blah... The last time I tried her pancakes I had diarrhea for the whole
of three days three nights, so this chocolate really scared the Jagans out of me! I know I know... Mukuro is strong, but on her culinary skills, I'd say she definitely lacks talent, oh well, forget it. Now that I know what it tastes like I can just tell her. Rubbish! Salt flavor! My goodness!" 

As the three of them gurgled on their individual experiences, they totally disregarded the fact that Kurama had been looming over for a long long time... so when they finally discovered the strong wave of youki, it was already all too late... 

"AH! Ku... Kurama!" All three turned their heads simultaenously, staring at a *very* irritated Youko Kurama. 

"You... actually used me for an experiment... !" 

"AH! No... we just wanted to find someone, someone whose tastes are closest to ours, you know... in the three of us there's a youkai, a human and a mixed... so... therefore..." 

Yet the anger of Youko Kurama was so terrifying, Yuusuke himself could not bear to risk his life to continue. 

"So you got me as some white mice experimental object? You... can forget about living now." 

"No, we were thinking... friends, come on! We should go through thick and thin together... shouldn't we... ugh..." 

"Oh really? Go through thick and thin together? Good! Very good! I'll let you have a chance at just that!" 

"No! Wait, please! We were wrong, really! We apologize! Wait!! NOOOOOOO!!! Kurama~~!" 

"Ore o okoraseta tsumi wa OMOI!! (remember this line from the Ankoku Bujutsukai?) The price to pay for angering me is VERY heavy!" 

And that was the last sentence Yuusuke and company heard. 

"Good evening everybody, now we're here to report the news headlines.Early this morning, in the home of a certain city, a sudden growth of a three kilometres tall gigantic pitcher plant (carnivorous plant which feeds on insects), the exact reason why the pitcher plant appeared in this region is still unknown, however the plant is currently disrupting traffic all around it. Please note, everybody, that when the news of why exactly this weird plant is doing here is out, we will have a detailed report. Please stay tuned for the afternoon news now..." 

"This is really bad, even traffic is affected, it'll be hard to go out now." Shiori complained to her husband as she watched the television. "Yes, it's really chaotic outside. Really weird, it's been okay all this while, why is there such a big pitcher plant suddenly appearing in our front door? It scares me to think of such a notion..." 

"That's right. Have you heard the noises from within the pitcher plant? Sounds like... 'help'... 'sorry'... 'let us go'... and all those stuff." 

"Voices? Umm ~ I seem to hear some, and that is weirder still, just what in the world is going on? Could it be some bad omen? Oh yes! Shuuichi, do you have any views on this matter?" 

"Otousan's asking me?" Kurama lifted his tea cup, boringly breathing into it... "I don't know... I don't know anything at all..." 

This... this is the valentine's day's chocolate affair... 




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