A day in the life of Kurama


Author: Shadow; original fic in Chinese 
Translator: You don't want to know
Editor: is the translator
Editing is only done to bring out the original humour and to make the entire fic more cohesive. No offence to Shadow-san if the meaning is somewhat stammered in process of translating and editing...

6.00 AM: Rise and shine.

6:10 AM: Hair brushing (because of bad hair quality, hair frays often, therefore, much time is required to condition, though the effect is often still bad, judging from the way I commonly look)

6:40 AM: Breakfast (fried fish, eggs and soup)

7:00 AM: Out for school.

7:10 AM: Stopped by high school females in sailormoon uniform for confessions. Rejects with a slight smile.

7:23 AM: Stopped by round collared college girls for confessions. Rejects with a warm tone.

7:30 AM: Stopped by a 182cm tall High school boy for confession. (Well...)

7:32 AM: After clarifying gender, watch the opposite party leave in tears. (Really, I should be crying)

7:46 AM: Stopped by 186cm tall High school boy for confession. (Here we go again...)

7:48 AM: After clarifying gender, opposite party makes his stand clear that he does not mind. (Woah...)

7:48:02" AM: With one punch I KO the guy up to the heavens. (sometimes I do meet people who can't wait to die, like this one...)

8:00 AM: At long last, school, preparing to revise studies by myself...

12:00 PM: Lunch time (today's dish is tofu sushi)

12:30 PM: Another lover's letter (someone get me an aspirin)

1:00 PM: Prepare for the afternoon's lessons...

5:00 PM: ECAs...

6:00 PM: Home sweet home.

7:00 PM: Study, do homework...

9:00 PM: Hiei drops in for a visit.

9:10 PM: Struggling furiously with Hiei... ('coz he refuses to take off his boots in my room)

9:15 PM: Chatting with Hiei, who is currently 'plastered' onto the window pane... (how stubborn)

9:45 PM: Handing over the 'ghost-faced flower' to Hiei (Mukuro's habits are getting weirder by the second, poor little Hiei)

10:00 PM: Shower. (don't you dare peep)

11:00 PM: Sneaked out for a meal at Yuusuke's noodle shop and have a little chat in the meantime. (Yuusuke: Customer of the night, don't blame me for not serving you well...)

11:40 PM: After the noodles I refuse to pay, and I earn a scolding from Yuusuke... (everyone does that anyway, not just me, right? Only a fool would pay up)

12:00 AM: Back home in bed.

And just like this, one day passes... (what a way to waste drinking water...) 




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