On Sex


Koto: What is sex?

Botan: Lemme look at my Reikai book. Koenma-sama says everything is in the Reikai book. (opens the book) Oh! (turns red and shuts the book)

George: Lemme see! (grabs the book from Botan then opens it, after one glance his eyes pop out) AHHH!

Koenma (in chibi form grabs the book from George): Give me that! (turns beet red) Who placed this illustration on this book?

Enma (from the very back of the auditorium where most of the space is occupied by him): I did. Son, someday, you'll have to learn about this things.

Koenma: But I already know.

Enma (shocked): You do? Since when? Who told you? The tanteis? The onis? Oh! You're not practicing this with the ferry girls are you? That is FORBIDDEN!

Koenma (exasperated): Sex is gender, Otousama. It's part of the application form for the ferry girls and tanteis. I've known about it from the moment I could read.

Enma falls off his chair and the auditorium shakes with the impact.

Koenma: And the illustration here is all wrong. Look at this picture! It's Kuwabara kissing Yusuke! (shows the picture to the audience beneath the picture is a caption: It starts with a kiss...)

After a glance, the audience turned into several shades of green and red. Toguro Ani, seeing this, begins to sing Christmas carols in a very loud, very off key voice.

Keiko (pissed off walks toward Yusuke): You kissed Kuwabara? (slap and Yusuke flies off to Makai). (to Kuwabara) You kissed my Yusuke? (slap and Kuwabara flies off to Reikai).

Botan: I think I'm gonna be sick...

Hiei: You think? Now, I'm really ill... (throws up)

Enma: I thought something was strange with that picture. I remember Keiko didn't have orange hair...

To be continued! ^___^

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