On Chickens and Eggs


George: Which came first: the chicken or the egg? 

Botan: The egg, of course! 

George: Where did the egg came from? 

Botan: (sweatdrop) Er... from Koenma-sama? ^^ 

Kuwabara: (huffs importantly) The chicken! 

George: Where did the chicken came from? 

Kuwabara: (stares blankly) Um...ah...hmm...grr...(thinks hard)...hmm...(gives up)...argh! Go ask Kurama! 

Yusuke: Err...the egg? No, wait... the chicken... no that can't be... the egg...the chicken...mini-mini-my-ni-mo... ugk! I don't know! Hey, Keiko! Can you answer this question... 

Koenma: I'm not sure. Let me call Kami-sama. He ought to know because he created it. Well? What are you doing standing there waiting for my answer, oni? Go get the phone! 

George: (sweatdrops) But, Koenma-sama I'm the host of the show... 

Koenma: (head swells and fangs appeared) GET MY PHONE!! 

George: EEEEEEEPPPPP! (runs off) 

Koto shows up now that George is gone. Koto looks around trying to spot Chuu, seeing him looking starry eyed at Natsume, she glares. 

Koto: Back to our show, the question was: Which came first the chicken or the egg? 

Atsuko: (drunk) The egg. 

Koto: Where did the egg came from? 

Atsuko: The fridge, you idiot! Go away so I can drink in peace! Chuu! Where's that sake you promised me? ::burp:: 

Author's note: Natsume is a friend of Raizen who appeared on the later part of the manga and anime. She's a pretty girl with dark brown hair. She fought Chuu during the elimination round in the Makai Tournament and Chuu lost the fight to her. Chuu didn't want to fight her because he knows their power levels are different. Chuu promised her he'd be stronger within a year and once he beat her in a fight he plans to court her ^^ 




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