On Love


Welcome our host for tonight! George!

George: What is love?

Kuwabara: Love is...love is Yukina. ::lovestruck smile::

Yusuke: Love is blind. ::grins mischievously and whispers:: Or maybe I can't see very well because of Keiko's huge behind.

Keiko: Yusuke no BAKA! I heard that!

Shizuru: Love is... ::hold her lighter tightly and sniffs::

Botan: Love is... (sweatdrops) ^^ lemme look for it in my Reikai Book. Koenma-sama said everything's written in the Reikai Book...

Keiko: Love is patient and kind. Love is...

George dozes off while Keiko talks

...five minutes later...

Kaito: A strong positive emotion of regard and affection. (spoken like someone who just swallowed a dictionary)

Atsuko: Love is... Love is... Yusuke! Where is that kid? YUSUKE! Get me a dictionary!

Raizen: Love? Go ask someone else. I'm too hungry to think.

Hiei: Love is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

George (sweatdrop): I didn't know you watch movies.

Hiei: Hn. Tell anyone that and I'll kill you.

Yukina: Kazuma-kun told me, love is Kazuma.

Hiei: You, idiot! Stop teaching her such foolish things! Love is like a box of chocolates! (minna sweatdrop)

Kuwabara: Says who?!

Hiei: Forrest Gump! And I have the tape to prove it!

Kuwabara and Hiei glares at each other with death in their eyes... 




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