On Funnies and Cooks


George sweatdrops in fear, afraid of a fight that might break out between Hiei and Kuwabara, decided to quickly change the topic.

George: Next question! Who is the funniest person you know?

Kuwabara: The shrimp! Love the hair, shrimp! MWAHAHAHAHA! And Urameshi! He always looks funny! HAHAHAHAHA!

Yusuke: Kuwabara! Just look at him! HAHAHA!

Hiei: Yusuke. Craziest ningen I've met. And the Idiot. Just look at his hair! HAHAHAHA!

Kurama: My teammates. (grins mischievously) That's one of the reasons why I stayed with the team. They're just too funny to give up! HEHEHE!

George: Who cooks for your family?

Yusuke: Keiko!!

Kurama: My kaasan. She's a great cook! But ever since I moved out of the house... (smiles) there's Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and (grins) Yusuke! (whispers) Yusuke's cooking isn't too good, but it's free.

Yusuke: No it's not. You just don't pay.

Kuwabara: Kurama doesn't pay when he eats at your ramen stall?

Hiei: Only idiots pay.

Kuwabara: How come I have to pay?

Hiei: My point exactly.

Kuwabara: What do you mean by that?! (Hiei and Kuwabara disappear behind a cloud of dust while Yusuke and Kurama sweatdrop)




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